Closed Guard

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Difference between Luta Livre and BJJ : How to open the guard ? | Nicolas Renier

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ADCC vet Nicolas Renier shares an important distinction between luta livre and jiu jitsu - how we open closed guard! What do you think about the luta livre approach?

2 CLOSED GUARD PASSES: Inside Knee Slide and Inside Knee Jump with Professor Ron Manes

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2 CLOSED GUARD PASSES: Inside Knee Slide and Inside Knee Jump with Professor Ron Manes

2 Effective Closed Guard Passes, Working for different Opponent Heights

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João Paulo Bertuccelli, Guilherme Pinheiro and Didi Martins. • Position : - Two closed guard passes. First João Paulo passes Instructor Gui's guard, who is the same height as João Paulo. After João Paulo passe...

22 No Gi Grappling Top Position Combinations in Less Than 3 Minutes – Jason Scully

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  Jason Scully: In this video you will see a demonstration of 22 no-gi combinations that you can do from various top control positions. Study them and get good at them. Combinations are what makes you a great ...

2nd Base Pass by Fabiano Scherner

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2nd Base Pass by Fabiano Scherner

3 easy steps to open the closed guard – Alain Pozo

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3 easy steps to open the closed guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as instructed by Alain Pozo, BJJ Black Belt, renowned instructor and head coach of Fight City Gym / ZR Team Essex make this a must tutorial filmed for the W...

3 Ways to Break the Closed Guard

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3 different ways to stand up and break the closed guard.

4 Great Ways to Use the Amassa Pao

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BJJ Black Belt Mike Yackulic shows four great ways to use the Amassa Poa choke while inside someone's guard

5 Essential Ways To Pass The Full Guard

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Gamal Hassan from the Evolve Fight Team shows 5 basic ways to pass the full guard. Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship brand for martial arts. It has the most number o...

57 BJJ Guard Passing Techniques in Just 8 Minutes – Jason Scully

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Jason Scully: Guard passing (guard passes) should be approached, not as a defense to your opponents guard but as an attack on your opponents guard. If you're opponent is always defending then they don't have much o...

A Very Underrated Way To Open The Closed Guard – Jason Scully

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Jason Scully shows a way to open the Closed Guard that isn't used often but is actually very effective

Alternative way to escape the Closed guard

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Part of the flexibility series, this guard escape (called the Reed Richards) is demonstrated by combat instructor, BJJ and MMA fighter Tom Gavrilos

Arm Behind the Back Pass

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Check out this amazing closed guard pass.

Arm Behind the Back Pass- David Avellan

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David Avellan shows a very effective way to pass your opponent's guard by blocking your opponent's arm behind their back in the closed guard.

Armbar Escape from Guard- Saulo Ribeiro

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    Saulo explains how to escape the armbar from your opponent's guard. Get more videos like this, including the Jiu Jitsu University in Video (a roadmap to BJJ for white and blue belts) athttp://www.b...

Armbar from Cracking Closed Guard

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 Why not go straight into an Armbar from Cracking Closed Guard. Interesting move:       Move of the day! #Repost @zombiebjjpa ・・・ What's your favorite guard pass? #zombiebjj #zombi...

ATT Head Coach, Master Liborio – Passing the Closed Guard

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Ricardo Liborio, BJJ legend, gives some great tips on how to pass the closed guard in No-Gi.

Backtake from Closed Guard?

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Is that even possible? Of course it is! BJJ black belt Kent Peters shows us how it's done.

Basic scissor sweep counter to toe hold

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Avoid the sweep and submit! You can't get more simple than that.

Behind The Back Guard Pass – Neil Melanson

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Neil Melanson demonstrates how to effectively set up arm triangles using the behind the back guard pass

Bernardo Faria Guard Pass vs Closed Guard

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Bernardo Faria, BJJ double gold medal world champion, takes you through his favorite guard pass vs closed guard.

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