Closed Guard

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Closed guard Triangle defense

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Learn to defend one of the most used submissions from the Closed Guard, the Triangle choke

Defend The Guillotine And Submit – Talita Treta

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Check out not only how to defend the Guillotine choke but also how to submit from there

Knee slice through Closed Guard by Jeff Glover

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Effective way to open the closed guard and proceed with an immediate knee slice pass. Learn innovative guard passing sequences from jiu-jitsu’s most unorthodox and controversial figure, Jeff Glover. Join the most ...

Defending and countering the hip bump sweep, guillotine and kimura

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Being often submitted while inside someone's closed guard? Change it right now!

Paulo Filho – Closed guard pass

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Paulo Filho shows us this closed guard pass he used for winning 3 mundials

Closed Guard Pass vs Bigger Opponent with Brandon ‘Wolverine’ Mullins

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A Closed Guard Pass with Brandon Mullins.

Tozi (Sao Paulo) pass variation- Roberto Tozi

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Inside Trip, Closed Guard Pass, Farside Armbar – Mark Sausser

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Inside Trip, Closed Guard Pass, Farside Armbar with Mark Sausser

Tozi pass variation (Wilson style) with hand in the collar – Andrew Smith

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One very simple way to get started with this pass in the gi is to allow your partner to get one hand in the collar. Andrew Smith explains the Tozi pass variation

Hidden JiuJitsu (Posture #1) – Henry Akins

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Free technique from the DVD of Henry Akins, Rickson Gracie black belt and a pressure specialist.

Kimura From Close Guard Counter

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Escape his attack and guard and finish your opponent with this counter

Closed Guard Opening

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A very strong opening to the Closed Guard with a lot of pressure on your opponent's ribs/chest

Pedro Sauer – Closed guard tricks and tips

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Considered one of the best instructors ever in BJJ, Pedro Sauer teaches you some tricks and tips to drastically improve yours and pass your opponent's guard. Learn To Dominate From The Most Dominant Bottom Position...

Opening the Closed Guard in No Gi by Matheus Diniz

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Matheus Diniz teaches how to do the Closed Guard Pass BJJ Technique in this video. Matheus Diniz was the 2019 ADCC Champion that had a historic run. He had the most takedowns and guard passes and won the gold WITH...

Closed Guard – Opening Standing

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Learn one of the ways to open the Closed Guard while standing

Budo Jake – Roy Harris Part 2 of 2 – Roy’s favorite guard pass

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Budo Jake finishes the interview with Roy showing his favorite way of opening the Closed guard and passing plus a few other very important key movements and concepts

Carlson Gracie Jr teaches grip break with choke in the guard

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Carlson Gracie Jr. teaches how to break your foe's posture from inside their closed guard, using a choke after breaking the grip

Opening Closed guard standing- Vitor Shaolin Ribeiro

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Opening the Guard Standing

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All details on how to open the guard on No-Gi

Breaking Closed Guard For White Belts (Don’t Make These 2 Mistakes)

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They're simple mistakes but ones that can make a huge difference when breaking closed guard in BJJ.

Invisible Jiu-Jitsu: Posture in the Guard

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Rickson Gracie black belt, Jack Taufer is doing what he can to help his newphew Kieren. His mother is currently battling stage 4 breast cancer and Jack is doing what we can to provide for his Nephew's future. http://w...

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