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Advanced Omoplata Armlock Attack

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  An advanced armlock finish that works even on much bigger, stronger opponents. From the 'Bottom Position Gameplan' app for iPhone, iPad & Android: Also availab...

Advanced Triangle Choke Details From Guard

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  A powerful triangle choke that works in BJJ, MMA, and submission grappling. From the Bottom Position Gameplan App for iPhone, iPad & Android

Advanced Triangle Choke from de la Riva Guard

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A step-by-step breakdown of the triangle choke from de la Riva guard Brandon 'Wolverine' Mullins used to win the European BJJ Championship

Alexander Trans shows foot submission from Deep half guard

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more on

Alexandre Paiva – Armbar from X-Guard Sweep

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Alliance co-founder in Rio de Janeiro and legendary trainer of legends, Gigi Paiva, shows a very effective way to sweep from the X-Guard and connect an Armbar

Alternate Omoplata Finishes – Lee Livingstone

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Alliance black belt from Fight Lab in Bangkok, Lee Livingstone show you a nifty way to catch the omoplata from the De La Riva guard.

Alternative armbar from guard

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Try this second option of an Armbar when your opponent defends your initial Armbar from the guard attack.

Americana counter for the double under pass

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Marcelo Alonso, Carlson Gracie's black belt, shows you how to effectively submit your opponent with an Americana when he tries to perform the double under pass on you.

Andre Galvao – Triangle/Omoplata seminar

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Learn with the best! Andre Galvao in great detail about the Triangle and the Omoplata.

Andre Galvao, Lasso Guard Sweep With Omoplata

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Arm Drag Brabo Choke- Robert Drydale

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  Robert Drysdale, the 2007 ADCC Absolute Champion pulls out the stops with his unorthodox grappling system that is quite unlike anything you have ever seen before. This new and highly controversial style of g...

Arm Drag Guillotine

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Soulcraft Head Instructor, Brad Wolfson, demonstrates a transition to the guillotine choke when your opponent defends the arm drag

Arm in De La Riva to triangle – Ruotolo Brothers

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Arm in DeLaRiva guard techniques by Ruotolo Brothers

Arm Triangle Choke Form The Guard

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Arm Triangle Choke Form The Guard explained by 3rd degree black belt Luigi Modelli.

Arm Triangle to Sweep – Firas Zahabi

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Considered to be the easiest submission and sweep combination you will learn to use your hips, elevator hook, find where your opponent has no "base" and an easy to do finishing hold.

Armbar – Chris Sales

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Chris shows us an armbar set up from the triangle choke which he previously used at a tournament that he competed in as a Black Belt

Armbar from Arm-Across Guard

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Brad Wolfson, demonstrates an Armbar from the Arm-Across guard that you will definitely want to add to your game

Armbar From Closed Guard – Sensei Koji Komura

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Learn some game changing details about one of the most famous Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submissions, the Armbar

Armbar from Closed guard – Walter Cascao

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Great variation to submit using an armbar from the Closed guard

Armbar From Closed Guard Variation

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Do you know when your opponent frames his arms to start opening the Closed Guard? There is a submission right there, check it out!

Armbar from Guard: the Three Most Common Errors

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  Stephan Kesting from shows you the most common errors for the BJJ armbar from the guard, and how to fix them.