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How to use the Kimura armlock to attack a very defensive opponent

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  Setting up & finishing the Kimura armlock against a very defensive opponent. From the Bottom Position Position Gameplan app for iPhone, iPad & Android The ...

Advanced Omoplata Armlock Attack

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  An advanced armlock finish that works even on much bigger, stronger opponents. From the 'Bottom Position Gameplan' app for iPhone, iPad & Android: Also availab...

Advanced Triangle Choke Details From Guard

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  A powerful triangle choke that works in BJJ, MMA, and submission grappling. From the Bottom Position Gameplan App for iPhone, iPad & Android

Eddie Bravo – Armbar From Rubber Guard

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Vaporizer leg lock from half guard- Eddie Bravo

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  Leg lock setup using the half guard lockdown, on Joanne of MMA Girls

Triangle Choke Setup from Open Guard | Yuri Simoes | Jits Magazine

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  No Gi world champ Yuri Simoes shows a clever triangle setup from open guard. Enjoy!

Saulo Ribeiro: Fast Helio Gracie Choke at 2013 Worlds Masters

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Absolute division. Helio Gracie Choke. The most basic technique applied perfectly is devastating.

Rickson Gracie Arm Bar by Pedro Sauer

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  Professor Pedro Sauer is an 8th Degree Red and Black belt in Gracie Jiu Jitsu and one of the world's most technical instructors. Here he shows the Rickson Gracie Arm Bar set up.

Choke in Guard vs Stalling Opponent- Kayron Gracie

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  In this video Kayron Gracie teaches an efficient choke from the closed guard, perfect for when the opponent is stalling on top.

Half Guard Bottom Kimura- Very Important Detail

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  Attack by Ryan Fortin. Check out the detail with the knee which makes a big difference.

Shinya Aoki CRAZY Invisible Submission

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In this video, ONE FC World Champion Shinya Aoki demonstrates one of his favorite submissions.

Carlson Gracie shows a Nice Triangle Set Up

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  Master Carlson Gracie teaching a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar at Joao Crus Brazilian Jiu-Jisu in Dripping Springs Texas, with his student Joao Crus,on December 2005. It was his last seminar, he was 72 years o...

Shin to Shin Guard into Sweep / Footlock | Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood

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Roger Gracie Black Belts Oliver Geddes and Nic Gregoriades show a competition-proven attack combination. Check out Nic’s new website BJJ Building Blocks.  

No Arm Triangle Choke- BJJ Sydney

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  For more go to: VT1 Gym brings you another video in our series of techniques and strategies to add to your BJJ game. This week head coach Liam Resnekov shows a bit of a sneaky submissio...

3 TRIANGLE CHOKE ATTACKS: Long Range, Medium Range and Short Range

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Three great options for triangles.

Spinning Inverted Armbar with BJJ Red Belt Paulo Strauch

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  Check out a sick spinning inverted armbar or omoplata when your opponent stacks you from the armbar position. Paulo Strauch is a red belt in BJJ and has raised notable fighters such as Caio Terra. Check out ...

Smart Way to Finish The Triangle When Opponent Hides Arm

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  When your opponent is in your triangle and hides his arm, this is a cool way to use your own arm to act as a chocking arm.

Deep Half Guard Submissions, Calf lock and Leg lock

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This week Master Ricardo Cavalcanti shows a few submissions from deep half guard / X-guard.

Closed Guard Off Balance Armbar Set Up – Jason Scully

979 Views0 Comments - Get over 12 closed guard interactive video flow charts / mind maps with over 174 detailed closed guard videos

Cyborg Abreu – Half Guard Straight Arm Lock

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Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu shares some basics on positining in the half guard for nogi grappling. Cyborg demonstrates a drill he uses for switching sides in the half guard and for recovering the position if lost. After go...

Cyborg Abreu- Tornado Sweep to Kimura

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Cyborg... are you freaking kidding me? That's the basic reaction I had when reviewing this week's technique from Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu. So, since I won't be able to explain it anyway, just watch the video about 20x a...