Escapes & Counters

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Defending the Backtake – Circling and Backing Away by Lachlan Giles

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Get Out Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s Worst Positions, Gi Or No-Gi, With Lachlan Giles’s Insights Into Escaping. The 2019 ADCC Absolute Medalist Teaches How To Get Out Bad Grappling Positions With Narrated Live Rolling Of...

Defending the Kimura from Bottom Half Guard – Bernardo Faria

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5 x BJJ World champion Bernardo Faria shows you how to not get Kimura'd when you're playing from the deep half guard.

Single Leg Counter With Reverse Triangle – Reginaldo Vieira

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Great details to this powerful counter to the Single Leg Takedown

Advanced Elbow-Knee Escape vs Mount with Brandon Mullins

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an advanced version of the elbow-knee mount escape that will make it much more effective vs. larger opponents.

What To Do If A Wrestler Shoots A Double Leg: Kimura – Mau Mau

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Masters World Champion Mau Mau shows a move that will ensure his opponent will never shoot a double leg

Kiss of the Dragon Counter- Andre Galvao

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Counter to Kiss of the Dragon by Andre Galvao.

Running Escape from Side Control – Saulo Ribeiro

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  Here is The Running Escape technique as taught by Saulo Ribeiro. Part of the incredible World Martial Arts DVD Video Series Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Revolution 2!

Advanced X Guard Breakdown and escapes

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Have you any idea on how to escape the X-guard and avoid being swept or submitted? Check it our here!

The Houdini Back Take vs Mount

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Bottom Mount to Back!!! No better comeback! Shown by Brandon Quick

The Right Way To Roll Out Of An Omoplata- Jason Scully

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BJJ Ultimate System for Escaping Bottom Cross Side Part 1

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Richie Yip and Stephan Kesting share the first part of a six-part system for escaping bottom cross side

Armbar Recovery Drill – John Will

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Australia's bjj veteran John Will shows a cool armbar recovery drill

Simple Crossface Counter against Side Control Escape – Nick Albin

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In this video I share a really really basic Crossface technique you can use for BJJ to counter someone who is trying to do a basic Side Control Escape. I share some details about how the Crossface can be used ...

Countering the Worm Guard Tutorial- Raphael Dos Santos

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Raphael Dos Santos, BJJ Black Belt and Head coach of Gracie Barra Cornwall is here filmed by the Warrior Collective giving a step by step tutorial on one of his favourite ways to counter the worm guard in Brazilian Ji...

How To Counter the Double Unders Guard Pass

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Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting talk about countering and preventing the double unders (underhooks) guard pass.

Loop Choke Variation to Counter Sweeps – Alain Pozo

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Countering sweeps is a much needed skill in BJJ. Here, Alain Pozo, BJJ Black Belt, renowned instructor and head coach of Fight City Gym and ZR Team Essex covers how to use a variation on the loop choke to do just this...

Details to Finish a Choke From the Back – Shawn WIlliams

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This video focuses on the elbow post from back control. When your opponent begins to defend by grabbing your sleeve, post the elbow immediately and enjoy an opportunity to stay tight and go for the bow and arrow.

Knee in counter to Takedown

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Break down of the prevention of the knee in belly position and an immediate counter to single leg.

Defense & Counter Submission to ‘Arm trapped behind back’ (closed guard)

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Here's a great counter and submission for when your opponent pins (or traps) your hand behind your back from your closed guard. Part 1: Part 2:  

Jiu-Jitsu Escapes | Hail Mary Submission Escapes

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From BJJ black belt Eli Knight: "I am a big believer in backup plans at all stages. These are some very late considerations for escapes I refer to as Hail Marys. These are definitely not what you want to have as your ...

17 BJJ Positional Escapes In 10 Min – Mount & Back Mount – Jason Scully

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  Detailed videos will be on - In this video Jason Scully shares part 3 of his 4 part positional escape reference series. He demonstrates Mount Escapes and Back Mount Escapes. The...

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