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Warm Up Flow – Eddie Bravo

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    Eddie Bravo showing a slick warm-up flow (butterfly to X, sweep to side, roll to truck to the back)    

Solo Stretching & Flexibility (Belt and Wall drills)

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Check out these Solo Stretching and Flexibility drills with the belt and wall which will tremendously improve your performance and help you stay away from injuries.

Stretching Hip Flexors – Yoga for BJJ

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Want to see Sebastian channel his inner Michael Jackson? You're in the right spot! When you're done laughing, continue with the video - you will stretch your quads and give your hip flexors a bit of a break. The...

Don’t EVER Do These Stretches

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We stretch to prevent injuries, but these stretches will cause them....

10 Ways to Shrimp and Improve Hip Mobility on the Ground

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Stephan Kesting talks 10 Ways to Shrimp and Improve Hip Mobility on the Ground

Ginástica natural – Alvaro Romano training in 1990

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Rare footage of Alvaro Romano doing his routine of Ginástica natural all the way back in 1990

Sylvio Behring on how to use self defense as pre training warm up

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Self-defense as pre-training warmup with Master Sylvio Behring.

Foam rolling – BJJ After 40

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BJJ After 40 shows you some great exercises using the foam roller and its importanceon recovery and also injury prevention.

Improve Hip Rotation Mobility For Ease With S-Mount For BJJ

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If you have difficulty applying solid pressure and holding position when in S-Mount, then try these hip mobility stretches to increase hip internal and external rotation with these muscle energy techniques as well as ...

The Exact Stretches I Used to Break the Guard Better – Nick Albin

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In a recent video I talked about how I used to be unable to sit back on my heels. And how this made my worst position in BJJ being inside someones Guard. Following that video many of you had questions about how I ...

10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu HQ Warm Up

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An example of a warm up from 10th planet HQ.

Basic Technical Stand Up Warm Up – Tom DeBlass

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  To stand up I use the basic technical lift that we use in the warm up from kids to adult class    

How Cobrinha Does Warm Ups at His Academy

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Check out these insane warm-ups from Cobrinha! How do you like to warm up?

BJJ warmup Drill: Belt Puller!

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Fun Warmups - making bjj great again. Just kidding - still a fun option to try!

3 Most Common Backwards Shoulder Roll Mistakes – Stephan Kesting

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These are the 3 most common mistakes people make when they're doing the backwards shoulder roll in BJJ, Judo, MMA or any form of grappling.

Advanced Functional Strength, Balance and Core Workout – Low Impact Workout

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A nice routine you can do when recovering from overtraining or injury. Brutal is pushing it a little, but interesting for the core for certain!

Agility Ladder Drills

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Brad Wolfson demonstrates 5 Agility Ladder drills to incorporate into your warmup routine to improve movement and footwork

Neck Stretches for BJJ

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Here are some stretches you can do to help work out the problem in a Neck area

How 7 Simple Stretches Can Stop Your Knee Pain

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How 7 Simple Stretches Can Stop Your Knee Pain

Fedor Emelianenko’s Warm Up Routine

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Fedor Emelianenko gave a seminar on 8-8-10 and demonstrated his warm up routine. Seminar held at Zealous Nation MMA. Fedor translation by Oleg Stavitsky, who fought Fedor in Combat Sambo.....twice.

10 Stretches for Flexibility

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Guy Pendergrass teaches 10 stretches for overall flexibility with special emphasis on legs, lower back, hips, neck, and shoulders which are all important particularly for Jiu-Jitsu training.

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