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Throwback: Galvao faces fake Black belt

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The opponent's name is Martin Suarez. He's a black belt in "Yudansha," which is a martial art he invented. He has since started training legit grappling. UPDATE: Commenter who knew mr Suarez clarified: "This is Mar...

Why you should never let your opponent control both your ankles

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 That is some guard passing....Renzo Gracie always told us to never ever let the opponent on top control both ankles. Why? Here's why - Ricardo Almeida       That is some guard passing....

Vitor Shaolin Puts Kenny Florian To Sleep At Abu Dhabi World Pro

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Flashback: Nick Diaz (Purple Belt) Submits Macaco (Black Belt)

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Back when Nick Diaz was just a purple belt he faced the Brazilian MMA legend and BJJ black belt Jorge 'Macaco' Patino. Diaz was shocked the grappling world when he tapped Macaco out with a rolling kneebar.

Jeff Glover vs 6’4′ 400 lbs BJJ Black Belt Sergio Farnes

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A real life David vs Goliath match between two BJJ black belts that happened at Grapplers Quest a few years ago.

15 year old kid using incredible technique to beat a monster

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DAVID VS. GOLIATH: Modern Flow Submission Only Tournament

155lb 17 year old submits 340lbs wrestler in Advanced Absolute

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The title says it all! Wow

King of the Beach Final: 60kg Dude Fights Against a Guy Twice his size

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Watch the exciting match-up between Muujig Altantugs (60 kg) and Jessie Gibbs (120 kg) in Holland set King of THe Beach tournament. What do you think, should these types of matches be a regular sighting?


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Another one in the series of clips where the two compare!

UFC 199: Bisping vs. Rockhold full fight

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UFC 199: Bisping vs. Rockhold full fight

Reverse Triangle Choke in the Men’s 100KG Olympic Judo competition

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More action from Rio. This time we're watching the spectacular submission finish from Japan's Ryunosuke Haga    

UFC fighter Khabib Nurmagomedov vs First Russian BJJ Black Belt

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First Russian Black Belt, Leonid Gatovskiy Defeats UFC Star Khabib Nurmagomedov In Grappling Match

Throwback: Gui Mendes wins a match 51-0

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 Gui Mendes wins by 51-0 at Rickson Cup (2013)      

BJJ Blue Belt Competes in Traditional (Japanese) Jiu-Jitsu

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Gracie Barra Jiu-jitsu blue belt competes in a Japanese Jiujitsu tournament.

Leandro Lo Refuses To Tap To Kneebar vs Santos

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All to finish IBJJF Season on Top and get the 15000$

Nicky Ryan Submits Adult Opponent in 15 seconds

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Nicky Ryan Submits Adult Opponent in 15 seconds

Hillary Williams throws Gabi Garcia with Ippon Seoi Nage

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Hillary Williams throws Gabi Garcia with Ippon Seoi Nage! 2009 No Gi Worlds, Absolute Finals.

One FC – brutal guillotine escape

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BRUTAL suplex KO to escape from a guillotine! ONE Championship 37 (01/23/16)

168lbs BJJ purple belt vs 248lbs Boxer: Challenge Fight

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Here is a challenge match between a BJJ purple belt against a much larger boxer. Challenge Match SACHA MARTIN-LUTHER KING VS 248 lbs opponent. BJJ purple belt Statistics: Height: 5ft 7' & Weight: 158 LBS ...

BJJ Works! Rooster Weight Defeats Ultra Heavyweight Monster

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Brown belt match between Carlos Saquic Perez, a rooster weight and his ultra heavyweight opponent. After being tossed around in the beginning, the little guy comes back and uses beautiful Jiu-Jitsu to dominate the b...

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