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Hector Lombard Disproves “Don’t Tap To LegLocks It’s Just Pain”

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Hector Lombard breaking someones tibia/fibula (shin bone) with a straight ankle lock with a bad bite.

Joao Miyao as a purple belt rolling with a black belt

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Joao Miyao as a purple belt rolling with a black belt

Carlos Condit vs Demian Maia – Watch the Fight

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Carlos Condit vs Demian Maia - Full Fight      

Frank Mir’s Daughter Outwrestles Male Opponent

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   Frank Mir's daughter is a savage!       ????My face #mirkids #meadowsschool #future #wrestling A video posted by Frank Mir (@thefrankmir) on Jan 7, 2017 at 7:20pm PST

Travis Stevens Bow & arrow Chokes World Judo Champion

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The USA’s Travis Stevens, probably the hardest working judoka around, has taken home a silver medal in the 2016 Olympic games. He showed great Newaza and was able to win 3 matches with ground techniques: 2 by pins ...

BJJ white belt vs Kung Fu master

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Check out this crazy match

The ‘Decapi-Rader’ Guillotine Variation by Justin Rader

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Justin Rader wins his first fight at ADCC trials via a crazy choke called 'The Decapi-Rader' Get access to the live stream now -->

Throwback: Pedro Sauer (68kg) Deals With a Body Builder (113 kg)

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Bodybuilder Lance Batchelor challenged the famous instructor of Jiu-jitsu, Pedro Sauer, in 1994 and was convinced that he would win the martial arts expert in a fight without rules. The bodybuilder weighing 113 kilos,...

Bia Mesquita Submits Mackenzie Dern in 1 min at Rio Fall Open

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Bia Mesquita submitted Mackenzie Dern in 63 secs in the final of the absolute of the Rio Fall Open. Bia went on to win double gold.

Weird Submission by Dai Yoshioka @ Pan Ams ’07

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 Crazy Submission by Dai Yoshioka @ Pan Ams '07       Dani Yoshioka || Pan Ams Championship 2007 || Crazy Submission || #jiujitsubrasiloficial #jiujitsu #bjj A video posted by JIU-JITSU...

This Is Why Technical Stand-up Is Important

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 UFC's Gegard Mousasi vs Thiago Marreta has a perfect example to highlight the importance of technical standup     Resultado da segunda luta do card preliminar do UFC 200. #GegardMousasi venceu...

Dillon Danis vs AJ Agazarm At The Atlanta Open

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Two of the most controversial BJJ competitors, Dillon Danis and AJ Agazarm, met in the finals of the Atlanta Open. Both wanted to qualify for the upcoming IBJJF Worlds.

Sambo World Champ vs BJJ Black Belt

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Here's a look back at the match between BJJ black belt Ricardo Migliarese vs the Russian Sambo World Champ Givi Shubitidze...

12 Year Old Rear Naked Chokes 24 Year Old Opponent

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12 Year Old Rear Naked Chokes 24 Year Old Opponent. Here is the backstory...

(FULL FIGHT) Rampage Jackson vs King Mo | BELLATOR 175

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(FULL FIGHT) Rampage Jackson vs King Mo | BELLATOR 175 mirror:

Wrestling Girl Dominates Boy With Banana Split

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Wrestling Girl Dominates Boy With Banana Split    

Judo Black Belt Chokes Out BJJ Black Belt in Competition

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Judo black belt faced a BJJ black belt in competition and used a very powerful choke to choke him out.

Nicholas Meregali Defeats Xande Ribeiro in Black Belt Debut

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This just happened at the Brazil National Pro: 22 year old newly minted black belt (Dec. 2016), Nicholas Meregali defeated Xande Ribeiro in the final. The 36 year old Xande Ribeiro is a 7x black belt World Champi...

World’s Strongest Man vs. Rolles Gracie (4th Degree BJJ Blackbelt) | Lawrence Kenshin

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Mariusz Pudzianowski is the 5x World Strongman champion, the only man to have ever accomplished this feat. In this MMA match he faces Rolles Gracie, a 4th degree BJJ blackbelt. In a clash of styles, we see a striking ...

No rules challenge – BJJ vs Karate

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No rules challenge - BJJ vs Karate

Girl Destroys Boy At Grappling Competition

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Yikes. Wouldn't want to be that guy...