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3 Stripe White Belt Feeling Inadequate at New BJJ Gym

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I recently got a question from a BJJ practitioner who is at a new gym and is struggling with her ranking. She says that she's a 3 stripe White Belt. But her BJJ training has been broken up a bit. And she also says...

Mega Knee Reap at UWW Grappling- Nightmare for IBJJF referee

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Ouch! Nightmare for IBJJF referee - its a legal sweep for UWW grappling.

KASAI Pro 3 Post-Match Fiasco: Burns vs Agazarm vs Martinez

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Things heat up in the post-match interviews at KASAI Pro 3! Gilbert Burns, AJ Agazarm and Geo Martinez all get on the mic to make some strong statements.

Islam Makhachev Pulls Off Russian Wrist Snap at AKA

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The very rare Russian wrist snap made an appearance at AKA's wrestling training. Daniel Cormier was impressed...

Wrestling Day at AKA feat. Khabib & Co.

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The boys get their wrestling on while also prepping Khabib for his big fight coming up against McGregor.

This is a Devastating Position for BJJ and MMA

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What's the most dominant position in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu? In my humble opinion. I think it's Back Mount. Even more so I think the most dominant variation of Back Mount is when we have the person flattened out on t...

Ouchi Gari Counter at 2018 Budapest Grand Prix

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Japan’s Aaron Wolf pulls off a nice counter on Germany’s Karl Richard Frey in the -100 kg Final at the 2018 Budapest Grand Prix.

Old Man Sprawls & Guillotines Young Man

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He picked the wrong old man to mess with... Even a little bit of grappling knowledge can take you a long way....

Why People Quit BJJ: “I Don’t Have TIME!”-

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One of the most common excuses....

How Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov Are Preparing

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Training Conor McGregor and Habib Nurmagomedov to fight at the UFC 229 / How the fighters are preparing.

Proven BJJ Competition Strategy against a Strong Wrestler

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How do you deal with the Takedown aspect of a Wrestler who's in a Grappling competition? Or what do you do when someone's better at take downs?

10 Greatest Fighters in MMA History

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Which MMA fighters have made the biggest impact in history?

The Amazing Judo Skills of Shohei Ono in 7 moves

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Two-time world champion and Olympic gold medalist Shohei Ono 7 moves : O Soto Gari, O Soto Ko Soto, Uchi Mata, Hane Goshi, Ura Nage, Yoko Tomoe Nage, Ko Uchi Gari

A Handful of Techniques Made me Effective as a BJJ White Belt

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Everyone who's trained BJJ has probably at some point experienced technique overload. You know what the is right? It's where you have so many techniques that you don't even know where to start focusing. I think...

A Simple Drill to Effectively (and Safely) Get the Heel Hook

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This is a drill that isolates the 'dig' aspect of the heel hook, i.e. getting your wrist and forearm into the correct position to correctly apply the heel hook.

Why People Quit BJJ: “It’s Not What I Thought it Would Be!

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Have you tried Jiu-Jitsu and discover it's not what you thought it was gonna be? Even worse it wasn't something you liked!?

How To Submit a Stalling Opponent With Tight Elbows (Tarikoplata from Far Side Collar Sleeve)

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The Far Side Collar Sleeve is a great attack when the guy drops to one knee or both knees and keeps the elbow tight.

Khabib Nurmagomedov laughs as homeless man does push-ups for money

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Khabib'steam, insead of giving money, challenged the homeless man to do push ups. The more reps they do = more money.

Don’t Quit BJJ! – Why YOU Need Solo Movement Drills!

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Start practicing Solo Movement Drills to IMPROVE your grappling for BJJ and MMA. I share my story and encourage YOU to use Solo Drills to keep improving. Movement for BJJ shares Solo Movement Drills to help you imp...

Expendables Stars- Then and Now- How they’ve changed over the years

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Expendables Stars- Then and Now- How they've changed over the years

Best Judo Coach Reactions To Wins

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We never forget our Sensei! Having them to our side is sometimes half the fight taken care of, and what a joy to make them so happy, isn't it?