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Renzo Gracie On Why Many Grapplers Fail To Finish in The back

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Many consider “the back” position the most dominant position in all of jiu-jitsu and are willing to give up any position to take the back.   “The Back” is considered by many the golden position, because your opponent ...

10 Common BJJ Mistakes That You are Still Doing

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BJJ Checkmat black belt Thiago Rodrigues cover 10 common grappling mistakes that you must avoid, to avoid submissions, sweeps, and weak positions.

Ronda Rousey Back At Teaching Judo

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Ex bantamweight champ seems to be in good spirits lately. She's posted a new video teaching the ashi waza to the next generation #NextGenJudo teaching @themaxston ashi waza A post shared by rondarousey (@ro...

How Many Times per Week should I Train as a White Belt?

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How Many Times per Week should I Train as a White Belt?

Old Man Sprawls & Guillotines Young Man

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He picked the wrong old man to mess with... Even a little bit of grappling knowledge can take you a long way....

Are You Really Too Poor for Jiu-Jitsu?

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Are You Really Too Poor for Jiu-Jitsu?

Josh Hinger Wins ACBJJ Final by Gogoplata

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final85 Arlando Oliveira vs Josh Hinger #ACBJJ7

Best judo grappling techniques 2017

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It is believed that judo is all about stand up, but it is not truth. Just as many fights end by grappling techniques as by throws. In this video you can see the best grappling techniques of 2017.

What’s Your REAL BJJ Lineage? Don’t Lie Now

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We've seen it time and again. People who pretend that they were taught by some famous practitioner. Don't be one of those people.

Eddie Bravo narrates pulling off his first ever Twister in competition

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Watch this amazing archive footage of Eddie Bravo competing and dissecting his past performance.

Sakuraba Teaching Techniques he used on Royce Gracie

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Part of an old instructional showing the moves Saku used on Royce Gracie in their epic Pride fight. "Sakuraba Gimmick" originally only on VHS. Definitely not legal for IBJJF.

Difference Between Black Belt & Lower Belt BJJ Instructors

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Can Lower Belts Have Their Own School? Not everyone should have their own schools out the gate.

How to Connect Your Moves Like a BJJ World Champion, with Fabio Gurgel

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BJJ world champion shows you exactly how to connect your moves so you're always one step ahead of your opponent.

Video analysis of Xande’s Armbar vs Rustam Chsiev at ADCC

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Video analysis Xande's armbar at ADCC.

OneInThe4Rest -Jiu Jitsu ft Chris Brown

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American singer Chris” Brown has released a new hit song called ‘Jiu-Jitsu’. It is not known if Brown trains Jiu-Jitsu. Lyrics: [Intro: OneInThe4Rest] That juju, oh yeah [Chorus: OneInThe4Rest] Oh, when the spotl...

Sage Northcutt’s Crazy Armbar Escape at UFC 200

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That's going to leave a mark tomorrow! Sage Northcutt grinds out a win over Enrique Marin. A video posted by BOXING x UFC x MMA x KNOCKOUTS (@fightsband) on Jul 9, 2016 at 6:16pm PDT

Takedowns from The Knees in BJJ Are a Waste of Time

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Recently I've had several White Belt viewers request takedowns from the knees for their BJJ training. In this video I share 2 different takedowns you can do from the knees in BJJ. But I also share how much I disli...

Judo World Champ Teddy Riner Bench Presses 230kgs Wearing Flip Flops

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Judo world and Olympic champion Teddy Riner does an impressive Bench Press personal best: 230kgs. The current world bench press champion is Ryan Kennelly, who pressed 1075 lbs (487.6 kg) in November 8, 2008.

BJJ episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown

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Bourdain takes a journey to the Bay Area to practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, heal through food, and enjoy some soul food at Real Miss Ollie's.   CLICK THE "X BUTTON", WATCH AND ENJOY!  

Jiu-Jitsu Guard Passing for No Rules Situations

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How to pass the guard in limited or no rules environments has become a popular question and topic of discussion recently online and at seminars. While some of the technical aspects and concepts will overlap from sport...