Everyone who’s trained BJJ has probably at some point experienced technique overload.

You know what the is right? It’s where you have so many techniques that you don’t even know where to start focusing.

I think this is an especially big issue with White Belts in Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Our friend Sean ran into this overload issue while looking up BJJ techniques.

He said he was looking up De La Riva techniques and there was just so many different techniques and positions that he was just lost.

In this video I talk about the approach of two BJJ White Belts. 1 was myself and the other was a friend of mine who trained with me for several years.

As White Belts in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu we had 2 different approaches. My friend focused on more techniques and had a TON of different techniques.

These two different approaches showed themselves pretty quickly.

When we would roll the two approaches clashed and 1 of us got the better of the rolling.