Grip Breaking Standing

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How to Break Any Sleeve Grip – Stephan Kesting

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How to break any sleeve grip!

The Cats Paw Grip And Pistol Grip – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson

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Dr. Rhadi Ferguson Discusses The Cats Paw Grip And Pistol Grip

Handfighting and controlling ties taught by 2x Gold Olympic Wrestler John Smith

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Handfighting and controlling ties taught by 2x Gold Olympic Wrestler John Smith

Xande Ribeiro One Handed Grip Break Y Grip Break

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Xande Ribeiro shows One Handed Grip Break Y Grip Break

Disable Grips for Double Leg Takedown in BJJ – Nick Albin

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Last week I showed a single leg takedown for BJJ vs strong established grips in the basic straight forward collar and sleeve position that many people end up in. In this video I demonstrate a simple off balanci...

Olympic Champ Kayla Harrison Teaches Grip Fighting

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Kayla harrison shows her take on grip fighting

Cross Grip Attacks From Combat Sambo – Andrey Kalinin

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Watch Andrey Kalinin, Combat Sambo European Champion, show some attacking options off the cross grip.

Grip Theory – Kent Peters

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Grip Theory to Swing Double Leg/Loop Choke Ankle Pick.

Grip Partner Drill – Mahamed Aly

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Latest Copa Podio addition Mahamed Aly shows an intense grip drill routine       ???????? Training this morning with my brother @stunnabjj during our grips protocol, we did 6 minutes like t...

Gripping Fundamentals – Keenan Cornelius

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Keenan Cornelius offers some through instruction on gripping. This video offers invaluable insight into controlling the game completely through gripping fundamentals

Tripod Sweep and Push Kick Sweep – Marcelo Garcia

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Marcelo Garcia is perhaps the best pound for pound submission grappler in the world. Watch him explain a really simple and effective sweep followed by an intermediate version any competitor could use in his arsenal ...

Grip Fighting Drill

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Have you got your grip fighting in check?

Jiu-jitsu Gripping Fundamentals Part 1

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Keenan shows some great tips and tricks in this first part of his BJJ Gripping Fundamentals

Grip fighting basics – Controlling the inside lapel correctly

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This little grip trick will make all the difference in your game

Standing Wristlock – Daniel Rott

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Finish the fight still standing with this nasty Wristlock

Wristlock To Takedown

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Fred Zaganelli shows a Wristlock from the standing position and alternatively a Takedown when the wristlock gets defended

The Secret To The Judo Stiff Arm Problem

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Why stiff arming in judo exists at some levels and not at others

Breaking Grips & Recovering Position from Belly to Back

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Coach Bone takes us through how to escape the back body lock

Judo Grip Fighting against left/opposite handed opponents Tutorial

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Danny Williams, Judo Olympian and Commonwealth Champion gives a tutorial on different ways to grip fight in order to nullify your opponent and gain the upper hand when they are left/opposite handed in Judo.

Grip fighting techniques

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Danny Williams, Judo Olympian, teaches how to nullify your opponent and gain the upper hand when they are right/same handed and fighting for a grip.

How to break grips when standing in BJJ – Part 2 | Joel Gerson | Jits Magazine

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National level Judoka, Canadian jiu-jitsu champion and Shooto veteran Joel Gerson shows you how to break those annoying grips when standing in BJJ.

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