Wristlocks in BJJ are an underutilized and often under appreciated technique. In a lot of situations people will call them cheap or even cheating!

Personally I’ve grown to really like wrist locks albeit unintentionally, in my Brazilian Jiu-jitsu arsenal. For multiple reasons.

1. If you begin to attack people with wrist locks. Even if the submission attempt is unsuccessful at causing the tap. Afterwards, the opponent will be very cautious about where they place their hands on you. They begin second guessing their attempts which makes their BJJ techniques inherently weaker.

2. It’s a great submission that can be hit from so many positions! Just like with leg locks. Why would you NOT add something to your game? Be as well rounded as possible and throw as many attacks into the mix as you can!

The particular wrist lock I show in this video is from Full Guard.

It’s simple BJJ submission that works right off of a common hand placement when they are trying to posture.

The wrist lock is a fantastic stand alone submission by itself. But it can also be used to disrupt your opponent’s attempts to posture up and break guard.

I hope the video is helpful!