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Most Efficient Triangle Set Up By Jeff Glover

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Most Efficient Triangle Set Up By Jeff Glover featuring Bernardo 'Huge Honor For Me' Faria. Book a flight on the FLYING TRIANGLE with Grappling OG Jeff Glover. The most creative American Jiu Jiteiro in history U...

Most unexpected triangle choke variation for BJJ

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BJJ black belt Gile Huni of Kimura BJJ Serbia shows a great set up that will surely catch your opponents off-guard:

Collar and Shin Triangle – Shin over the Arm by Giancarlo Bodoni

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Giancarlo Bodoni demonstrates the Collar and Shin Triangle. Giancarlo Bodoni is an IBJJF Adult Brown Belt No Gi World Champion, Lucas Lepri Brown Belt, YouTube instructor and sought after BJJ Fanatics instructor. ...

Sneaky Triangle from the Back by Keenan Cornelius

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Struggling to choke a squirmy opponent from the back? In this video, Keenan demonstrates a simple way to use your opponent's escape against them; leading them into one of the strongest chokes in all of jiu jitsudom...

Rafael Lovato Jr’s Tweaks That Add Control and Viciousness To Your Triangle

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Black Belt Jiu-Jitsu World Champion & undefeated MMA fighter, Rafael Lovato Jr, shares some details on how to have a deadly triangle choke after class at his academy in Oklahoma City. We hope you enjoy!

The Easiest BJJ triangle setup ever

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This is one of the easiest triangle setups to hit live rolling. You just need to make the person post a hand on the mat and you’re set.

My Legs Get Tired When Finishing The Triangle

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for those who watch the channel, know me personally, or see that I am a 6'3 skyscraper know that the triangle is my favorite submission. I have been doing it for 12 years now and have over 100 submission victories wit...

Sneaky triangle set up – Mike Bidwell

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Sneaky little triangle set up using the feet to trap the arm from Mike Bidwell       Sneaky little triangle set up using the feet to trap the arm. Enjoy your fourth! #ninjastyle #ninjast...

Shin Slide Pass to Top Lasso to Triangle – Ruotolo Twins

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 Shin slide pass to top lasso to triangle by Ruotolo twins       Shin slide pass to top lasso to triangle #shoyoroll #rvcasport #aoj #ruotolobros A video posted by Ruotolos || Art of Ji...

Triangle Details for Beginners and Advanced levels – Josh Madama

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Josh Madama is not just an instructor and academy owner he is also a student of John Danaher along with Mat Serra and Renzo Gracie. This video provides plenty of details that could seriously up your game

Triangle Set Up Kids Class – Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week is Triangle Set Up Kids Class

DLR Sweep to Triangle

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  This interesting snippet shows how to turn a De La Rive Sweep into a submission setup. Here it effectively goes from De La Riva to triangle in no time.       Posição eficiente que voc...

Arm Triangle from North South – Dan Covel

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North South choke defended evolves into Arm Triangle finish from North South.  North south, working for the choke, opponent defends, tripod up, walk to their hips, push their arm down, walk back to their head,...

Modified Reverse Triangle Choke (Rexangle) – Kyle Villarreal

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Kyle Villarreal landed this complicated 10th planet submission at CageCombat24   Check out the #Rexangle setup from Kyle Villarreal at #CageCombat24. Jeff Rexroad was proud. @eddiebravo #MMA #BJJ pic.twitter.c...

The ‘stomping triangle’ submission from spider guard – Elliott Bayev

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The 'stomping triangle' submission from spider guard, as taught by Elliott Bayev on

Throwback: That time Demian Maia was facing Chael Sonnen

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One of the coolest finishes ever partnered with a very slick takedown      

Triangle Study Seminars- Roy Dean

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Roy Dean shares some great material on Triangles.

Triangle from the Open / Knee Shield Guard – Josh Mancuso

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Black Belt Josh Mancuso shows how to Triangle someone from Knee Shield

How to Attack the Triangle from the Lasso – Gui Mendes

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 Professor Gui showing how to attack the triangle from the lasso guard during last nights 6PM Fundamentals Class       Professor Gui showing how to attack the triangle from the lasso gu...

Tim Credeur’s Hateful Triangle – Josh Mancuso

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Mancuso shows a painful version of the triangle frequently used by TUF 7 cast member Tim Credeur

Single leg defense into inverted triangle – Galvao

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Review Galvao's ADWP single leg defense that leads into inverted triangle (you can watch that whole match here)         #ADWPJJC16 || André @galvaobjj || Defesa single leg + tria...