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A Very Strong Top Position Follow Up Kimura Variation – Jason Scully

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A Very Strong Top Position Follow Up Kimura Variation by Jason Scully

Kimura – Cop Variation – Rener Gracie

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Weapon retention with a SLICK transition to cuffing pulled straight from the GST course for law enforcement.

Modified Kimura Attack Series (2 attacks) – Mike Bidwell

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This is a pretty slick little series that I have been working on for sometime. I initially was working the first attack series when I had an epiphany teaching it to a 6-year old. When I showed him the first attack he ...

HOW to Massively Improve your KIMURA POWER!

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Another really easy practice - this time to massively improve the power of both your Kimura and Footlocks. You won't believe the improvements that will be made. And all it takes is practice and as with the choke pract...

Amazing Side-Control Concepts – Roger Gracie

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Roger Gracie shows some revelatory concepts combining transitions into side control, mount, kimura grip

Kimura Trap / Kimura Lock Down to Leg Locks – David Avellan

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Josh "Star-Lord" Leduc put up a video showing this easy transition, so I had to put up my take on it and add it to the Kimura Trap System. The beauty is it's so simple to do, and the opponent is so distracted ...

Technique of the Week – No Gi Kimura – Cobrinha

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Cobrinha's latest technique of the week is all about executing a kimura in nogi

Adilson Bitta Lima teaches a kimura from the open guard

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Adilson Bitta Lima teaches a kimura from the open guard

Half guard sweep to kimura attacking the far arm – Tom DeBlass

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   Half guard sweep to kimura attacking the far arm. Remember in order to have a successful half guard you must attack on both sides, both upper and lower body. I use my left leg to keep my partners postu...

Defend the Single Lex X guard and Finish with a Kimura – Tammi and Mikey Musumeci

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 Single Leg X-Guard to Leg Drag Pass to Kimura finish       SINGLE LEG X GUARD LEG DRAG PASS TO KIMURA FINISH || Hey guys check out this position I've been hitting this a lot in tra...

Counter Choke From Kimura – Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Countering the Kimura – Ralek Gracie

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In 2010 Ralek Gracie defeated the "Gracie Hunter," the famed Kazushi Sakuraba, via unanimous decision. How do you rate Ralek's breakdown of Kimura Counter?

Beat the Kimura Trap from the Single Leg – Nelson Puentes

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Eric from Takedown Nation teaches a few quick and simple options for beating the increasingly popular Kimura trap counter to the single leg.

1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack – Controlling the Elbow in the Kimura

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1 Minute Jiu Jitsu Hack - Controlling the Elbow in the Kimura

Kimura Sweep from half guard – LI MMA

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Brent was going over how to do a back take off of a Kimura sweep from half guard in this video. The video was shot during one of our No-gi BJJ classes during Kimura month. Brent teaches every Wednesday at 7pm at...

Kimura Trap From Berimbolo – Marcelo Mafra

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   Lucas Leite shares snippet of MArcelo Mafra demonstrating a kimura trap from berimbolo  @Regrann from @lucasleitebjj - @lapelamafra @mafrabjj showing some kimura trap from Berimbolo with @cathe...

The Standing Reverse Kimura Throw – David Avellan

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I learned this throw back from my wrestling days in high school under coach Tirso Valls. We used to set this up from a Russian 2-1 tie up, but it can also be combined with the standing arm lock for a sneaky combin...

Kimura Roll From Turtle Guard – Jon Friedland

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Jon Friedland, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt from Neutral Ground BJJ hits a kimura roll from turtle guard made famous by Japanese catch wrestler Kazushi Sakuraba. Swift way to go from defense to a submission in und...

Kimura Defense & Counter From Half-Guard – Gustavo Gasparin

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Gustavo gasperin shows how to properly defend the Kimura fom Half-Guard and also how to counter it with a Kimura of your own

50/50 of the Arms Kimura Funnels (Cool Move) – Vagner Rocha

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The Vagner Rocha “Kimura Funnels System” is a unique jiu jitsu system that allows you to set up and catch crazy Kimura, armbar and triangle submissions and effortlessly control people.

Kimura Counter For Single Leg – Alberto Serrano

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Kimura defense against the single leg takedown

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