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Countering the Kimura – Ralek Gracie

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In 2010 Ralek Gracie defeated the "Gracie Hunter," the famed Kazushi Sakuraba, via unanimous decision. How do you rate Ralek's breakdown of Kimura Counter?

Major Detail: Neutralising The Shoulder During A Kimura

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From David Avellan: As some of you might know, I have my friend Kit Dale in Las Vegas with me preparing for the ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships. We had some good training sessions together, and learned a...

HOW to Massively Improve your KIMURA POWER!

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Another really easy practice - this time to massively improve the power of both your Kimura and Footlocks. You won't believe the improvements that will be made. And all it takes is practice and as with the choke pract...

Excellent Americana Defense To Americana!

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Talk about a fun counter. How effective do you think this move is?

Awesome Keylock Setup from my White Belt Days (Kill the Frame) – Nick Albin

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My most used submission as an early White Belt in BJJ was the Keylock / Americana. As a Wrestler I always found myself firmly placed on top in Side Control where I could begin to attack the arms. The Keylock is a ...

How To Do An Americana | Evolve

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Amazing Side-Control Concepts – Roger Gracie

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Roger Gracie shows some revelatory concepts combining transitions into side control, mount, kimura grip

Reverse Triangle Choke from the Kimura Trap System Seminar

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While I am not a big on going for triangle chokes, the reverse triangle is a powerful pinning position that lends itself to many submissions such as wrist locks, chokes, arm locks, and of course the Kimura. This se...

Roger Gracie Demonstrates A nice Kimura Counter

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Everything starts with a solid defence

50/50 of the Arms Kimura Funnels (Cool Move) – Vagner Rocha

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The Vagner Rocha “Kimura Funnels System” is a unique jiu jitsu system that allows you to set up and catch crazy Kimura, armbar and triangle submissions and effortlessly control people.

The Kimura Trap – Head Scissor Attack – Tom Davey

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One of my favorite techniques. One of the favorites of my students. I see it used on my mat nearly every night and I've seen it used often in competition to great effect. In short, this works. It's a great attack and ...

Dig Out The Kimura With This – Kent Peters

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Gi Technique: How To Finish The Kimura From Guard ????‍♂️

Unorthodox Americana Series

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Unorthodox Americana Series

Jean Machado – Get the KIMURA Or Switch into an Omoplata!

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Special guest Jean Machado teaches how to get into the Kimura and then into an Omoplata. Some great advice and little tricks and hacks in this video. Check it out and try it yourself on the mat. Let me know how it goes.

Rolling Kimura Entry For Beginners – Kent Peters

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Rolling Kimura Entry For Beginners by Kent Peters

Crazy Kimura Trap Back Take

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 Crazy Kimura Trap Back Take on this Video. Take a look       ???? Transição Para As Costas Marque Seu Amigo De Treino ・ Parcerias ⤵ ↪ @tatamemagazine ↪ @adccsubmission ↪ @bjjclub ↪ @g...

Catching the Kimura grip and finishing a stubborn opponent

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Some great tips on Catching the Kimura grip and finishing a stubborn opponent

Kimura When You’re Mounted – No Gi BJJ Technique

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How do you armbar someone when YOU are mounted? Alexander Neufang, one of the best in Germany, shows us his variation of the Kimura armbar that can work even when you're mounted by someone. Alex starts off with the pe...

Double Reverse Kimura from an OmoPlata – David Avellan

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Double Reverse Kimura from an Omo Plata by David Avellan I think this is the last reverse Kimura I will show for a while, and it isn't even a reverse Kimura. More like a double reverse, or inverse Kimura. I'm ...

A Very Strong Top Position Follow Up Kimura Variation – Jason Scully

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A Very Strong Top Position Follow Up Kimura Variation by Jason Scully

Daniel Strauss breaks down his EBI americana

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   Daniel Strauss breaks down his EBI americana        

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