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The Nutcracker Choke Defense by Henry Akins

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Give yourself more time to survive with Henry’s positional maintenance tips that maximize your defensive potential. Learn to defeat devastating chokes like the triangle, cross collar, bulldog, Ezekiel and MORE -...

This Is How To Defend From The Closed Guard Guillotine, by Troy Manning

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Use sophisticated traps to funnel your opponent directly into your submissions. Make dominant positions even more threatening with Troy’s blend of traditional techniques mixed with unorthodox chokes like the Com...

Straight Foot-Lock Escape from Open Guard- Marcelo Garcia

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Marcelo escapes from the Botinha: If your opponent pauses after encircling your ankle with their arm, deliver a kick with your free leg as you slip your foot out of the hold heel first towards center-line. However, if...

Mount escapes to leglocks – Reilly Bodycomb

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Reilly put together quite a treat for Panda Nation: 9 minutes of instruction on transitioning from your mount escape into a leg attack.

Estima Lock and Estima Lock Escape – Budo Jake

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The Estima Lock is a very effective foot lock (toe hold to be precise) developed by Victor Estima. It can be scary to be on the receiving end of this submission as the torque can come on very fast. In this video, Budo...

Roger Gracie’s Huge Detail For Defending The Straight Footlock

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Here's a great tip for people who struggle to defend the straight footlock!

Arm in Guillotine Escape – Pedro Sauer

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Master Pedro Sauer shows an Arm in Guillotine Escape

Old School Gracie Instructional on escaping Headlocks

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Watch this old School Gracie Instructional on escaping Headlocks. Old but Gold

Bow & Arrow Defense (when you can’t move lower extremities)- Maximiliano Ulloa

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 Bow & Arrow Defense when you can't move your lower body,      

Rear Naked Choke Escape – Frank Mir

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This is why you should never panic. Think your movement through and work them every chance you get!

Berimbolo vs Ankle Lock – Josh Mancuso

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This awesome technique is frequently done by the Miyao brothers

How to Escape the Bow and Arrow at the Later Stages – Brown

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Kenneth Brown shows how to escape Bow and Arrow choke at the later stages