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How To Do A Lapel Choke From The Back

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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Champion Gamal Hassan from the EVOLVE Fight Team demonstrates how to do a lapel choke from the back. Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship brand for martial arts. It has the most...

Crucifix Trap: Leg-Armlock & Choke

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Bjj black Gile Huni shows a very effective double attack from the back Crucifix. When they defend the choke, you attack with an leg-armlock. Shows at Kimura Bjj academy in Belgrade, Serbia.

Great Details To Cross Collar Choke From Mount

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Cross Choke from mount from Dentinho of Rillion Gracie Houston.

How To Do A Basic Guillotine Choke | Evolve University

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Beginner's bread and butter - A Basic Guillotine Choke Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship brand for martial arts. It has the most number of World Champions on the planet. Named as the #1 ranked...

Angela Lee’s Anaconda Choke | Evolve University

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ONE Atomweight World Champion Angela Lee from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates how to do an anaconda choke. Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship brand for martial arts. It has the most number of ...

The Hidden Collar BJJ Guillotine by Vinicius “Draculino”

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The Hidden Collar BJJ Guillotine by Vinicius "Draculino" Taken from:

5 Essential Submissions From The Triangle

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2x Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt World Champion Teco Shinzato from the Evolve Fight Team shows 5 essential submissions from the triangle. Guest post by Evolve MMA, Asia’s premier championship brand for martial a...

Blast Through The Guillotine Choke With A Double Leg Takedown – Nick Albin

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Use The Safest Yet Most Effective Takedowns That You Will Ever Need For BJJ: From Adam Wheeler, An Olympic Medalist and Black Belt Masters No Gi World Champion: The Standing Guillotine Choke can be a nasty subm...

Different Head & Arm In Guillotine by Fabiano Scherner

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Fabiano Scherner, 10x Masters World Champion, Shows a really slick and different set up for the arm in guillotine. Fabiano Scherner Reveals His Complete No Gi Roadmap From A Range Of Positions. Simple, Effective...

How To Do The Tightest Darce Choke by Edwin Najmi

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BJJ world champion Edwin Najmi shows how he does to adjust the Darce Choke. It is super impressive to see how he can apply this choke even with the gi. Edwin Najmi has been tearing it up with submission victory aft...

How to dodge being Guillotined when Going for a Takedown – Kent Peters

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Kent Peters gives his insight on the age old question on how to avoid being subbed when going for a takedown. Check Out Travis Stevens 'Scientific Gripping Systems' , The Gripping Formula That Makes All The Differe...

MUST SEE Crescent Kick Sweep from the Failed Guillotine

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An awesome sweep you should use whenever you have a failed guillotine. Its great when you already have your shin across your opponents stomach but sometimes you can create it with some good leg movement.

The COLLAR TIE Guillotine is AWESOME

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This video demonstrates the "Collar Tie Guillotine". Its kinda like a nogi loop choke as well. Check out the details and you are sure to find something useful.

Changing Sides on A Choke To Add Extra Leverage- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander shows a powerful choke from side control where you change sides to add extra leverage when your opponent defends. The outspoken Kurt Osiander is one of the most well-known instructors in the world and...

Do You Know The Pillow Choke from Kimura?

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Sometimes when you are attacking the Kimura lock from top, your opponent takes a strong defensive grip. If you can not break the grip, I like to go immediately to this variation of the Paper Cutter Choke.

6 Side Control Chokes in 6 minutes

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A review of the 6 Side Control Chokes from our recent classes here at the Invisible Jiu Jitsu Academy. Including the Knee on Neck Choke, nogi loop choke, Canto Strangle, Own Lapel Papercutter Choke, Lapel Papercutter ...

Nogi Ninja Choke from Closed Guard

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The Power Guillotine or Nogi Ninja Choke is Super Powerful and can Really Catch your Opponent Unawares. Learn from Black Belt David Morcegao How to Set it Up Whether You Have Long Monkey Arms or Short T-rex Arms.

Bottom INVERTED Triangle with DEFENSE

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an inverted triangle attack you can execute from your guard while your opponent is trying to pass. There are other variations I can show at another time. Over under pass, sometimes from bottom side control when you ...

Different Ezequiel Choke by Adam Childs & Bernardo Faria

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Very cool set up for the ezequiel choke.

The MUFFLER” Submission! VAGNER ROCHA just hit it!

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How to execute what I call "The Muffler". Its a suffocation technique where you control your opponents arms and then cover the mouth and nose of your opponent. I also show what I call "the Slingshot" which is a tech...

Omoplata to Collar Choke Kurt Osiander

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They think you're going for an omoplata, then you switch to other side omoplata to cross collar choke. Simple and effective!

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