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Seoi Nage and Ko Uchi Gari Combination by Korean 7th Dan

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Seoi Nage and Ko Uchi Gari Combination by Korean 7th Dan.

How to do the Mongolian Uchi Mata

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It is a rather simple technique used by some of the best fighters in the world. No longer limited to the Mongolian team this is now a widely used throw.

Inverted Legless Fireman’s Carry by Vlad Koulikov

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Vladislav Koulikov is a world renowned sambist having placed 3x in the USA open and represented USA in Combat Sambo worlds in 2008. In addition to this he has competed and won several NAGA and Grapplers Quest tourname...

Sambo Spinning Surprise Trip

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  Unique sambo technique surprise trip with spinning.

John Danaher – Knee Drop O Soto Gari

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There is a massive 50% OFF  SALE on Video Instructionals at BJJ Fanatics, which feature quality instructionals from Tom DeBlass, Craig Jones, Dean Lister, Bernardo Faria and many more….(Type in the code ‘WATCHBJJ” and...

Travis Stevens Shows a BJJ Takedown – Arm Drag To Whip

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One of the hardest things to do is take people down in jiu-jitsu. This takedown is easy to drill and effective from white belt jiu-jitsu to black belt level competitions. Mixing a little bit of wrestling into you BJJ ...

How Elite Judoka Set up & Use Ko Uchi Gari for Judo / BJJ

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How Elite Judoka set up, use and flow from Ko Uchi Gari as instructed by Ben Quilter, Team GB Paralympian, Multiple times World/European Champion, internationally respected Judoka and guest instructor at Manchester Ip...

Jiu-Jitsu Takedowns for People Who Suck at Takedowns

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These are some takedowns that I personally feel don't require you to have a ton of Judo or Wrestling proficiency. I have hit these takedowns on people that have much better takedown ability than I do, but because of t...

Ankle Pick For BJJ- Travis Stevens

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Here is a quick shot on your opponents ankle that you can do to score a quick 2 points. Having a little bit of basic basic wrestling can really help you with your takedown game. That says a lot coming from a judo guy....

Breaking a Stiff Arm to Set Up Kosoto Gake- Travis Stevens

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Breaking a Stiff Arm to Set Up Kosoto Gake- Travis Stevens.

Fireman’s Carry To Front Headlock- Travis Stevens

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Fireman's Carry To Front Headlock- Travis Stevens.

How To Block Seio Nage & Set Up The Clock Choke

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How To Block Seio Nage & Set Up The Clock Choke by Katsuhiko kashiwazaki.

Powerful Ouchi Gari with Belt Grip- Travis Stevens

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Judo Olympic silver medalist and bjj black belt Travis Stevens shows a powerful Ouchi Gari using the belt grip! Pointers: Make sure you pull their belt You have to square off to your opponent Drive don’t li...

Best Grip For Judo- Alexander Mikhaylin Silver Medalist Olympian

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Best grip for judo from Alexander Mikhaylin Silver Olympian and attacks from it.

Controlling Inside Space with an Outside Grip with Jimmy Pedro

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Controlling Inside Space with an Outside Grip with Jimmy Pedro.

Gripping Sequences with Jimmy Pedro

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Gripping Sequences with Jimmy Pedro.

Yuri Simoes Teaches Collar Drag Which Took Down Travis Stevens

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ADCC champion Yuri Simoes was able to take down Judo Olympic silver medalist, Travis Stevens in a recent BJJ superfight at Fight 2 Win. Yuri ended up winning the match by split decision. He used a collar drag which...

How To Set Up Osoto Gari in BJJ “Punch Sotogari”- Miha Perhavec

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A modified osoto-gari perfect for jiu jitsu stand up.

The Easiest & Best Way To Pull De La Riva Guard- David Morcegao

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Learn from 1st degree de la Riva blackbelt David Morcegao how to effectively get your grips and pull the world famous de la Riva guard. Filmed on location in Poland at the BJJ Globetrotters Zen Camp 2017.

Korean Seoi Nage with Shintaro Higashi

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Korean Seoi Nage with Shintaro Higashi.

Cobrinha teaches the Collar Drag to Single Leg Takedown

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BJJ world champion and two times ADCC champion, Rubens Cobrinha has one of the most respected records in Jiu-Jitsu's history. Known for his stall-free game that always pursues the submission, Cobrinha teaches here a g...

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