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Koshi Guruma – Applying All the Concepts with Travis Stevens

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Olympic Silver Medalist Travis Stevens is back with another complete system that revolves around the most important aspects of Koshi Guruma and its many uses. Koshi Guruma is one of Stevens specialties and in th...

Hane Makkikomi by Matt D’Aquino

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Explore and master the original 40 throws of Judo with 4th-degree Judo black Belt and Olympian Matt D’Aquino! Understand how each of these important throws works and when they should be used, with world-class de...

Using The Cross Collar Grip To Dominate by Travis Stevens

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Travis Stevens explains how to dominate your opponent by properly using the cross collar grip and how to set up throws from there. Cross collar grip is arguably the most effective grip from both guard and standing if...

Movement As a Distraction by John Danaher

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Study how every BJJ student should be fighting on the feet, with this innovative system for transitioning feet to floor with Professor John Danaher. Use a unique BJJ-based approach to get the fight to the floor, i...

Jacare Souza- Yoko Tomoe Nage & Passing Butterfly Guard

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  Great throwing combinations from World champion Ronaldo Jacare Souza. He also shows a nice way to pass butterfly guard.

Makikomi judo throw + Armbar from Side Control

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A nice classic judo throw Makikomi for BJJ with tight armbar finish from side control.

How To Do Yuri Simoes’ Collar Drag on Travis Stevens

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ADCC champion Yuri Simoes was able to take down Judo Olympic silver medalist, Travis Stevens in a recent BJJ superfight at Fight 2 Win. Yuri ended up winning the match by split decision. He used a collar drag which...

Judo for Jiu-Jitsu: 3 Important Tips

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The first two tips from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and Judo sixth degree black belt John Disimone along with fellow Jiu Jitsu black belt Stevie Linton Judo course sign up here

Easiest Takedown in BJJ: Hook sweep Takedown like Erberth Santos

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How To Do A Hook Sweep Sacrifice Throw like Erberth Santos. Gile Huni, editor of teaches the technique in Serbian but has put English subtitles. "This is a simple throw that I've been doing since...

(Unorthodox Judo) Top 5 Throws From A Georgian Grip- Travis Stevens

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Let take a look at some unorthodox judo throws that are highly effective in competition as well as the dojo. Jimmy Pedro and Travis Stevens’ Judo Academy Teaches Takedowns and Judo Ground Fighting More Extensively ...

Powerful Ouchi Gari with Belt Grip- Travis Stevens

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Judo Olympic silver medalist and bjj black belt Travis Stevens shows a powerful Ouchi Gari using the belt grip! Pointers: Make sure you pull their belt You have to square off to your opponent Drive don’t li...

Judo/BJJ Footwork Drills

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  Guest instructor, Alex, shows some basic judo footwork drills to help improve your stand up game.

Romulo Barral BJJ Takedowns Highlight [HELLO JAPAN]

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Sumi Gaeshi Details by Charline Van Snick

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Control the ebb and flow of the match by winning the grip exchange. Understand the art of Kumi Kata (grip fighting) especially Charline’s cross grip approach. Utilize off-beat attacks to catch your opponent mid-st...

The seven takedowns every BJJ fighter should know

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  Jay Valko's list of the seven takedowns every BJJ fighter should know.

Sasae tsuri komi ashi – How to do it properly

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Sasae tsuri komi ashi is a hard technique to perofrm oin randori and shiai. In this video Justin from Beyond Grappling show you how to do it properly.

Best of Yoko/Tomoe Nage (Compilation)

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Compilation of Tomoe and Yoko Tomoe Nage throws. Spent a lot of time searching for these throws. If you like this video and this technique press like and share, let everyone see this amazing throw.

How to do a tricky drop seoi nage using a cross grip

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Here is a cool drop seoi you can do when fighting with a Cross Grip. For more cross grip check out my course at

Same Side & Same Grip Different Technique by Nicolas Brisson

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Don’t let your opponent achieve effective grips by staying on the move and striking quickly with Brisson’s unique grip fighting strategies. Develop coordination between your upper and lower body and become even ...

Spectacular Judo Throw – Georgian Gadauli

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Judo black belt and BJJ brown Belt, Georgiy Razmadze, shows a spectacular georgian judo throw called Gadauli.

Single Leg Takedown with the Gi- AJ Agazarm

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Former Ohio State wrestler and Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu World Champion AJ Agazarm shows a sinlge leg takedown for Jiu Jitsu.

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