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Counter the Single Leg with a Guillotine by Josh Hinger

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Josh Hinger shows a very slick counter to the single leg by setting up his signature 'Hingertine' guillotine. He has done this multiple times in competition at the highest level. This one comes quick! Learn the mos...

Demian Maia- Stopping the guard pull

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This is Demian Maia's Stopping the guard pull on ' Science of Jiu-Jitsu 2' Check out Ben Askren's instructional series "Ultimate Askren.". Ben Askren was an NCAA D-1 Wrestler and is notorious for being one of the g...

Collar Tie Counter by 2018 Wrestling World Champion J’Den Cox

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The 2018 Wrestling World Champion J'Den Cox shows an amazing counter he uses against the Collar tie. Check out Ben Askren's instructional series "Ultimate Askren.". Ben Askren was an NCAA D-1 Wrestler and is notori...

Anti-Wrestling: Submissions Initiated from the Single-leg

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Great ways to counter Wrestling using Jiu-Jitsu.

Anti-Wrestling: Modified Granby Rolls

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The ‘granby roll’ is fundamentally a wrestling move. The man who popularised the move. Billy Martin Sr. taught and emphasised this manoeuvre in the 1950’s in order to score points while in the bottom position while wo...

Countering The Single Leg with a Triangle- Travis Stevens

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Judo Olympic silver medalist and BJJ black belt Travis Stevens shows a wicked counter to a single leg!

BJJ Scout: Khabib Nurmagomedov Study Pt 2 – Future Matchups

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BJJ Scout: Khabib Nurmagomedov Study Pt 2 - Future Matchups

Reaction Drills: Ducking Under Collar Tie Drill- Cary Kolat

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Reaction Drills: Ducking Under Collar Tie Drill from Cary Kolat

Escaping The Double Leg When Already Taken Down

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Getting put on your butt is no fun, but it doesn't mean you have to stay there. This is a common position during wrestling, and especially in MMA when people are working to scramble up to their feet. The defender c...

How To Counter Double-Underhooks

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Double-Underhooks can be one of the most difficult bear-hugs to stop in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and even Wrestling. Here, Nikolas Collier shows you a powerful way to counter the infamous Double-underhooks.

Effective Defense To Yoko Tomoe Nage- Moacir Mendes

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Judo and BJJ black belt Moacir Mendes shows how to counter Yoko Tomoe Nage. The biggest mistake you can do is to put your head down. You need to squat and put your hips way back.

How To Kill The Double Leg Takedown by 3x ALL AMERICAN Hudson Taylor

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Hudson Taylor is a 3x All American wrestler that started training BJJ just 3 months ago. In his first competition, he competed as a blue belt at the No Gi Pan knowing very little jiu jitsu and won double gold. Here he...

4 Ways To Know If Your Opponent Will Shoot For A Takedown

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In this video, 3x All-American NCAA Wrestler Jon Trenge shows you some surefire ways to know that your opponent is about to shoot for the takedown:

Counter a Guard Pull with A Guard Pass- Gile Huni

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How to counter a guard pull with an immediate guard pass by Gile Huni of Kimura BJJ Serbia in Belgrade. When your opponent plants his foot on your hip, release your grips and plant them on their knees. You then have t...

2 ways to clear a Russian tie

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2 Ways to clear a Russian tie Coach Kyle shows us two ways to clear a Russian tie.

Double Leg Counter – Ruben Rivera

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 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe Coach Ruben Rivera shows a nice counter attack game plan when your opponent tries to do double leg       Opponents Double Leg➡Whip Over➡Kesure Kesa Gatam...

Back Take From Single Leg Defense

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Ricardo Cavalcanti shows how to attack your opponent's back when he tries to take you down with a single leg.

How to recover off a failed shot at the legs

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Some good old wrestling to help you keep a dominant position at all times during the fight even after committing a mistake

Front Headlock Turn Freestyle

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Cary Kolat teaches his Freestyle Chest lock defense to Front Headlock Turn

Countering Takedown Defense against the Cage Wall

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James Doolan shows a tutorial on how to counter your opponent's takedown defense when up against the cage wall

Behind The Knee Pick

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Cary Kolat teaches his Behind The Knee Pick leg attack counter move

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