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Double Leg Defense 4 by Nick Rodriguez

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Learn grappling-specific techniques that utilize strong wrestling techniques to keep you ahead of the competition! No experience required, Rodriguez makes each tactic easily adapted regardless of your level - fi...

2 ways to clear a Russian tie

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2 Ways to clear a Russian tie Coach Kyle shows us two ways to clear a Russian tie.

Anti-Wrestling: Submissions Initiated from the Single-leg

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Great ways to counter Wrestling using Jiu-Jitsu.

4 Ways To Know If Your Opponent Will Shoot For A Takedown

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In this video, 3x All-American NCAA Wrestler Jon Trenge shows you some surefire ways to know that your opponent is about to shoot for the takedown:

Collar Tie Counter by 2018 Wrestling World Champion J’Den Cox

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The 2018 Wrestling World Champion J'Den Cox shows an amazing counter he uses against the Collar tie. Check out Ben Askren's instructional series "Ultimate Askren.". Ben Askren was an NCAA D-1 Wrestler and is notori...

Quarter Nelson – Single Leg Defense

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The 3 quarter nelson applies force to the back of the neck and can easily be used to force a person to their back.

Double Leg Counter – Ruben Rivera

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 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Santa Fe Coach Ruben Rivera shows a nice counter attack game plan when your opponent tries to do double leg       Opponents Double Leg➡Whip Over➡Kesure Kesa Gatam...

Single Leg Defense / Leg Lock With Clark Gracie and Ismael Mota

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Master Ricardo Cavalcanti along with Clark Gracie and Ismael Mota show a single leg defense and a leg lock to finish off your opponent. For more visit

Guillotine counter to Single leg – Cromado

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This choke is so nasty that most of your opponents will think twice before trying a Single leg takedown on you if you know it

Tito Ortiz – Sprawling and Defense Drills

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Counter the Single Leg with a Guillotine by Josh Hinger

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Josh Hinger shows a very slick counter to the single leg by setting up his signature 'Hingertine' guillotine. He has done this multiple times in competition at the highest level. This one comes quick! Learn the mos...

Takedown: Defending the Single Leg

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  Defending the takedown and dictating the match. Having the ability to defend yourself from your opponent's takedown attempt is huge in Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Judo, you name it. Of course, this is Jiu-Jitsu M...

Russian Technique: Escape guillotine with a throw

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Предлагаем вашему вниманию технику ухода от удушения в стойке через бросок передний переворот от бойца клуба Беркут Абдул-Азиза Абдулвахабова. Escape guillotine by a throw.

4 Ways to Know Your Opponent Is Going To Shoot for a Takedown

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In this video, 3x All-American NCAA Wrestler Jon Trenge shows you some surefire ways to know that your opponent is about to shoot for the takedown.

Kimura TrapTo Defend Shots – David Avellan

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  Go to for more videos! Never Fear Wrestlers Again! This Revolutionary Kimura Submission System Will Stop Every Shot And Have You Winning Every Scramble Using A Basic Submission Hold...

Front Headlock Turn Freestyle

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Cary Kolat teaches his Freestyle Chest lock defense to Front Headlock Turn

Firas Zahabi – Kimura Counter to High Crotch

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Knowing how to defend takedown is key in being successful in combat. The Kimura counter to the single leg/High Crotch attack is one of the best counters you have.

Lapel Single Leg Defense – BJJ Technique by Amaury Bitetti

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Learn how to pass any type of spider guard with a foot on hip. Amaury Bitetti is a Carlson Gracie black belt and Vale Tudo fighter from Brazil who has also fought in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. This is an exce...

EXPLOSIVE Single Leg Defense To Back Take | Evolve University

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  In this video, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt World Championship Silver Medalist and ONE Fighter Marcos Ratinho from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates a quick back take from the single leg defense.

Yoko Tomoe Nage Variation- Joel Gerson Part 2 – Jits Magazine

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National level Judoka and MMA veteran Joel Gerson demonstrates a throw that is both beautiful and useful when going against a stiff armed opponent in a BJJ match. Usually in Judo, practitioners are penalized for being...

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