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Side Control to the Back Transition by Roger Gracie

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12x BJJ world champion Roger Gracie shows a very simple and effective to take the back from side control. Attack Top Position With Systematic Strategy and Technique From 10-Time World Champion and Grappling Legend Ro...

First Side Control Entry by Josh Barnett

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Legendary MMA Heavyweight Josh Barnett teaches his catch wrestling principles and concepts for the dynamic double wrist lock. The double wrist lock is a kimura variation, that you can supercharge with these catc...

Lapel Underhook Cross Face Back Take by Lucas Lepri

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Take the back with precision like 6-time world champion Lucas Lepri, one of the most precise black belts on Earth. Create back takes from top and bottom positions so you can dynamically attack the back from all ...

The Best Way To Mount From Side Control- Roger Gracie

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12x world champion Roger Gracie shows his go to mount transition from side control. Anybody can do this simple and effective technique. Attack Top Position With Systematic Strategy and Technique From 10-Time World Ch...

Guillotine Side Mount Butterfly- Marcelo Garcia

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Off With Their Heads - Learn The Signature Guillotine Choke From Black Belt Legend Marcelo Garcia. Marcelo Garcia Teaches The Subtle Details Behind Locking Up The Neck and Finishing Fights With His Signature Submissi...

Quadruple Attack from Side Control by Keith Owen

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Keith Owen in a highly regarded 3rd degree black belt under Pedro Sauer who resides and teaches in Idaho. This is an excerpt from his new release entitled, Old School Submissions from Side Control available exclusivel...

Knee on Neck Control by Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu

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This is BJJ world champion and ADCC champ Roberto Cyborg Abreu's trademark knee on neck control that he has used time and time again to control and submit at the highest levels of competition. Roberto "Cyborg" Abre...

Kurt Osiander Shows 2 Loop Chokes from Side Control

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Kurt Osiander Shows 2 Loop Chokes from Side Control.

Sneaky Armbar & Omoplata From Side Control

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to set up a sneaky armbar and omoplata from the reverse kesa gatame side control.

Travis Stevens On How To Create Tremendous Pressure in BJJ

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Here are some basic concepts that we went over during our class the other night. I hope you guys find some of these concepts for Jiu-Jitsu pressure helpful. These are concepts that I use during my training and compe...

Keeping your opponent flat on his back – Budo Jake

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Budo Jake explains how to keep a larger opponent fixated

Chael Sonnen Shows His American Gangster Head & Arm Choke

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The American Gangster Head & Arm Choke From Chael Sonnen.

Triple Arm Attack Trap From Side Control – Renzo Gracie

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Learn the triple attack that Renzo Gracie used to finish Maurice Smith in a 1999 Rings event. After reaching side control, Gracie traps the head and one of the arms with the triangle mechanic. Then he shifts to hi...

Trap: Bait the Mount & Catch Them in Half Guard

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I learned this little trick from my old instructor Colin cannon. He taught it to me when I was 12 years old. It has helped me a lot in tournaments as well as class. Expecialy at the lower level because people are so e...

Hillbilly Twister- So Simple, So Powerful

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Hillbilly twister by Coach Mike of Kimura BJJ Serbia! This one is powerful and so simple ???????????? When you get the pillow choke, you threaten mount with your knee on belly, when the opponent puts up the knee to de...

Make Your Side Mount Feel Twice as Heavy

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The Side Mount (or 'Side Control') is commonly a favorite position for practitioners in the beginning stages of jiu jitsu, but is then often neglected in favour of the mount and back control. When used correctly, t...

Using The Cradle in BJJ Side Control- David Avellan

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If you find yourself stuck on top side control with nothing going on, the cradle might be the solution to your problems. I have been inspired as of late to use the cradle more often, as I have some new variations f...

Side Control to the Mount – Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu

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Guilherme Pinheiro and Didi Martins. • Position : 0:39 - Concepts to control the partner in the side control. 5:40 - Transition to the mount putting pressure on the training partner. 12:10 - Transition to ...

No Gi BJJ Riding and Maintaining Top Side Control Drills – James Evans-Nicolle

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Riding and maintaining top side control fundamentals, skills & drills for No Gi BJJ as instructed by James Evans-Nicolle, former MMA Pro Fighter, BJJ athlete and coach at The Masters Academy in London make this a must...

Attacking Side controls – Countering escapes – Coach Zahabi

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In this video I go over counters to the prayer position escape.

Belly Down Float – Neil Melanson

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Neil Melanson, The Ground Marshal, explores, in episode 2, countering the frame by utilizing misdirection. He covers a technique called ‘belly down float’ where he leverage the misdirection he creates in order to fini...

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