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Anaconda Choke Variations- Marcelo Garcia

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  3 Part Technique — Marcelo Garcia's style of BJJ is immensely unique in many different aspects of the traditional art form, but no one example sets him apart from the rest more than his controversial stance ...

Breaking down the Turtle Position

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Learn how to properly break down the turtle position for No-Gi

Submissions Are Everywhere! – Episode 02

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Submissions are everywhere, so are neck cranks!

Razor Choke – Matt Baker

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The Razor Choke shown by Mat Baker is a variation from the Turtle position that you can archive if you can't get the Hex grip.

Hex Grip to Collar Choke – Matt Baker

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Top turtle to back mount and collar choke.

Clock choke from the back + counter to a sweep from the Tutle

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Alexandre Mestrinho shows a very good setup to the clock choke and a trick to avoid being swept from the top Turtle position which will help you getting a tight and effective grip.

Turtle Control Ankle Lift

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Great way to break down the turtle and get a more dominate position. The ankle lift is a really simple yet effective set of moves.

Rani Yahya shows back attack from turtle position

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Former ADCC Champ and upcoming UFC Fighter RANI Yayha shows back attack from Turtle Position

Ankle Lift to back take

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Very good details on the Ankle lift with the option to transition immediately to the back.

Brutal step over Clock choke

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Brutal choke from top Turtle position. This will get your neck sore just from watching!

Japanese Necktie from Top Turtle position

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Very famous and yet nasty and painful submission, the Japanese Necktie

Crucifix Entry from Turtle to Lapel Finish

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A fun way to open crack the turtle and achieve the tap!

Banana Split Tutorial

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Learn one of the most nasty submissions ever which will give your opponent one of the worst feelings he has ever felt before tapping

Wrestling – Lazy Man Cradle

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Wrestling Pin combination from Coach Kyle Cemrinar

Inverted grip Clock Choke

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And Old School but always effective submission from the Top Turtle position

Calf Slice from the Truck

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BJJ Black Belt Karl Nemeth shows a Calf Slicer from the Truck position

Banana split from the Truck

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Karl Nemeth shows the Banana split and Crotch ripper from the truck

Choke from the Turtle position

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Lapel choke from the top Turtle

Rafael Formiga – Clock choke

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Rafael Formiga gives some very important tips on how to finish the Clock choke

Top Turtle Position Lapel Choke

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A very strong choke from the Top Turtle position that will make your opponent feel his head is being ripped away from his body

The Gallows Choke

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A choking grip that is so tight your opponent can try whatever he wants to escape this choke that is a sure submission when properly applied

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