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Ankle Lift to back take

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Very good details on the Ankle lift with the option to transition immediately to the back.

Brabo Attack On Turtle – Alberto Serrano

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How to BJJ | Brabo On turtle by Alberto Serrano

Breaking down the Turtle Position

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Learn how to properly break down the turtle position for No-Gi

Banana split from the Truck

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Karl Nemeth shows the Banana split and Crotch ripper from the truck

The Gallows Choke

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A choking grip that is so tight your opponent can try whatever he wants to escape this choke that is a sure submission when properly applied

The Craig Fallon vs Tight Turtle – Kent Peterson

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Kent Peterson provides some worthy colorful options against a tight turtle!

Applying The KTO Turtle Head Entry by Andy Hung

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Master the versatile and dynamic Kimura Tie Off with black belt instructor Andy Hung. Hung is the Head Sensei at Portland Judo in Portland, Oregon and the owner/operator of Dojo Outfitters, a brick and mortar Ju...

Ezekiel Choke Tutorial

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Danny Williams, Judo Olympian, shows how to effectively utilize the Ezekiel choke

Arm Snatch Roll With Leg – Travis Stevens

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US Olympian Travis Stevens Shows A Slick Attack on Turtle snatching the arm with his own leg

Wrestling – Lazy Man Cradle

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Wrestling Pin combination from Coach Kyle Cemrinar

Rani Yahya shows back attack from turtle position

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Former ADCC Champ and upcoming UFC Fighter RANI Yayha shows back attack from Turtle Position

Crucifix From Turtle – Tom De Blass

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 Some crucifix attacks. I personally like the crucifix better then hooks in.       Some crucifix attacks. I personally like the crucifix better then hooks in. #jiujitsuforeveryone #ji...

Hex Grip to Collar Choke – Matt Baker

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Top turtle to back mount and collar choke.

Calf Slice from the Truck

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BJJ Black Belt Karl Nemeth shows a Calf Slicer from the Truck position

Turtle Control Ankle Lift

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Great way to break down the turtle and get a more dominate position. The ankle lift is a really simple yet effective set of moves.

Defeating the turtle position Part 1

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In this video we talk about a way to bypass players who are strong at turtling up. This will help you get them in a position where you may feel more comfortable with.

Breaking The Turtle Position To Head And Arm Choke

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Learn how to setup the Head and Arm choke when you are on top Turtle position. Great explanation on leverage and control!

Inverted grip Clock Choke

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And Old School but always effective submission from the Top Turtle position

Clock choke from the back + counter to a sweep from the Tutle

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Alexandre Mestrinho shows a very good setup to the clock choke and a trick to avoid being swept from the top Turtle position which will help you getting a tight and effective grip.

Top Turtle Strangle by 2012 Olympian Ivo Dos Santos

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2012 Olympian, Ivo dos Santos, shows how to finish from the top turtle position with a lapel choke

Turtle Position Into Kata Gatame

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Check out this Rollover Yoko Gaeshi into Kata Gatame

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