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Crucifix From Turtle – Tom De Blass

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 Some crucifix attacks. I personally like the crucifix better then hooks in.       Some crucifix attacks. I personally like the crucifix better then hooks in. #jiujitsuforeveryone #ji...

Ezekiel Choke Tutorial

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Danny Williams, Judo Olympian, shows how to effectively utilize the Ezekiel choke

Banana Split Tutorial

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Learn one of the most nasty submissions ever which will give your opponent one of the worst feelings he has ever felt before tapping

Arm Snatch Roll With Leg – Travis Stevens

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US Olympian Travis Stevens Shows A Slick Attack on Turtle snatching the arm with his own leg

Brabo Attack On Turtle – Alberto Serrano

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How to BJJ | Brabo On turtle by Alberto Serrano

Inverted grip Clock Choke

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And Old School but always effective submission from the Top Turtle position

Turtle Guard Transitions and Recovery -Eduardo Telles

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Turtle Master Eduardo Telles has some great insights for you

Top Turtle Position Lapel Choke

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A very strong choke from the Top Turtle position that will make your opponent feel his head is being ripped away from his body

Japanese Necktie from Top Turtle position

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Very famous and yet nasty and painful submission, the Japanese Necktie

The Gallows Choke

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A choking grip that is so tight your opponent can try whatever he wants to escape this choke that is a sure submission when properly applied

Jason Snapp- Loop Choke From Turtle With A Counter Variation

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Jason Snapp shows how to perform the Loop choke from the top turtle position with a counter variation

Breaking down the Turtle Position

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Learn how to properly break down the turtle position for No-Gi

Reverse Omoplata From Top Turtle – Luca Anacoreta

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 Turtle position attacks: Inverted Triangle choke➡ Omoplata reverse!       Turtle position attacks: Inverted Triangle choke➡ Omoplata reverse! @tatamifightwear @myproteinit @acai_ama...

Shime-Waza – The Alligator Death Roll

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A very powerful choke that even if not successful, opens space for many other attacks from Side Control

Armbar from Turtle – Renzo Gracie

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Learn Renzo's signature move - armbar submission on a turtled up opponent

Brutal step over Clock choke

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Brutal choke from top Turtle position. This will get your neck sore just from watching!

Razor Choke – Matt Baker

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The Razor Choke shown by Mat Baker is a variation from the Turtle position that you can archive if you can't get the Hex grip.

Flip Armbar Tutorial – Daniel O’Brien

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Daniel O'Brien explains the secrets to his famous Flip Armbar

The Craig Fallon vs Tight Turtle – Kent Peterson

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Kent Peterson provides some worthy colorful options against a tight turtle!

Vaporizer From Top Turtle Position

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Getting to The Truck position can open to you several options to attack the legs, very painful options for your opponent

Japanese Turnover – Ivo dos Santos

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Wow, that seems to be a very easy and yet effective way to setup an Arm Triangle from top Turtle position

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