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Leandro Lo’s Secret Weapon: Knee-Up Toreado Guard Pass

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Jon Thomas, world class BJJ black belt competitor from Team Alliance in Atlanta and now teaching in Sweden at Prana BJJ, shows some essential concepts for the Toreada guard pass using the Leandro Lo method which he al...

How To Stop Annoying Legs When You Do The Toreando Pass

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ow To Stop Annoying Legs When You Do The Toreando Pass.

Effective Toreando Pass – Complete Guide

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This is Jon Thomas' comprehensive breakdown of the toreando pass.

Toreando Pass with Leg Drag- Lachlan Gilles

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Toreando Pass with Leg Drag- Lachlan Gilles.

Toreando Pass to Choke- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Toreando Pass to Choke.

1-Hand Bullfighter Pass with Wilson Reis

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World Champion & UFC fighter Wilson Reis shows a simple 1-handed variation of the bullfighter (AKA toreando) guard pass at Paramount BJJ in Downingtown.

Master Carlson Gracie’s Favorite Guard Pass

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Carlson Gracie Jr. and Mauro Ayres showed one of Carlson Gracie's favorite positions to pass the guard and prepare the clock choke.

X Pass to Torreando Guard Pass by Xande Ribeiro

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Handy combo by Xande Ribeiro!

Toreada to Seat Belt – Alberto Serrano

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Nice combination of pass and back snatch by Alberto Serrano!

Escaping The Sticky Hook When Guard Passing – Roberto Godoi

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 Godoi shows his preferred way of escaping the sticky hook when guard passing!       Equipe, mais uma posição que uso bastante, é a passagem em pé quando o oponente está com a guarda ga...

X Pass to Torreando Guard Pass by Xande Ribeiro

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Some excellent input by Xande Ribeiro

Toreando to Kimura / Arm Bar -Cobrinha

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Cobrinha shows some fine offensive moves!

Toreando pass to Armbar – Marcelino Freitas

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 Toreando pass to armbar from Marcelino Freitas       Toreando pass to armbar from @marcelinobjj #bjj #jiujitsu #jits #grappling A video posted by JITS MAGAZINE (@jits_magazine) on Sep ...

Relentless Guard Passing-Leandro Lo

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Leandro Lo's Relentless Guard Passing, part 2 for part 1 click HERE.

Relentless Guard Passing-Leandro Lo

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Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento is a 5x World Champion, and is widely considered to be one of the top pound-for-pound Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors of the modern era. Part 2 of this series focuses on Leandro's asce...

Bullfighter Pass – Johnatan Wertz

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Tidewater BJJ's Johnatan Wertz shows an old classic - the bullfighter pass

Stop Getting Stuck In Half Guard – Nick Albin

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The pass allows me to have my hips far back enough that it prevents the opponent from securing an underhook or transition to deep half guard. This is especially helpful against people that leg lock from half guard...

How to Counter the Toreando / Bullfighter Pass – Stephan Kesting

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Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting talk about how to counter to the Toreando (aka 'Bullfighter' or 'Matador') guard pass in BJJ.

Guard Passing – Kit Dale

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Watch an excerpt form Kit Dale's Guard Passing Masterclass

Torreando Guard Pass Details – Leo Neves

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Leo Neves shows some valuable Torreando Guard Pass details