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Estima Lock vs Berimbolo- Victor Estima

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Victor and Braulio Estima developed this technique after years of competition.

Cool Knee Bar/ Foot Lock Combo from Half Guard- Alberto Crane

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This is a cool way to catch a knee bar from UFC veteran and Jiu Jitsu World Champion Alberto Crane.

Clark Gracie Rolling Calf Slicer against De la Riva Guard at BJJLIBRARY

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  Clark Gracie teaches a rolling calf slicer against the de la riva guard. Get full access to the seminar and more at Come train BJJ in San Diego and stay at the BJJ Hostel: htt...

Kneebar Tutorial with Xande Ribeiro

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Xande works details on the rolling kneebar from butterfly with James Puopolo. Get full access to the series at: Take a BJJ Vacation and Train with the Best! Finger Tape fo...

Brabo Choke Sequence from Half Guard- Nelson Puentes

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Nelson Puentes is a multiple time Grapplers Quest and NAGA champion, a bronze medalist at the Pan Americans, as well as a NY Open champion, and Boston Open champion. He currently holds the rank of Black Belt in Brazil...

Armbar Against Deep Half Guard- Marcelo Garcia

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X-Pass to Arm in Ezekiel Choke- Michael Liera Jr

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Sneaky Halfguard pass to Guillotine- Jeff Glover

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A great sneak attack allowing your opponent to think they are reversing you which springs the guillotine trap.

Monoplata from Half Guard – Marcelo Garcia

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Victor Estima and the mechanics of the Estima lock

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Black belt Victor Estima explains the mechanics of the technique he developed in 2009 alongside his brother Braulio. He's been catching numerous opponents with the Estima lock and now he teaches what you have to do to...

Half Guard Guillotine Choke with the Gi

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From Jeremy Arel: In this video I show the Guillotine Choke from Half Guard Reverse Sit. Typically it's easy to scoop the head when your opponent is on his/her side and it can be a real surprise. Initially when I s...

Rolling kimura attacks from top half guard

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  Rolling kimura attacks from top half guard.

Paulista Pass vs Half Guard- Kurt Osiander

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Kurt Osiander Move of the Week - Paulista Pass.

Guard Pass w/ Back Take & Choke- Tanquinho

1.09K Views0 Comments Tanquinho shows us a variation on a guard pass that ends with taking your opponents back. It's very important to make sure and control the leg you are rolling over with this technique. He fini...

Sneaky Half Guard Pass To Far Side Ezekiel Choke- Augusto Tanquinho Mendes

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Augusto "Tanquinho" Mendes - Half Guard Pass To Far Side Ezekiel Choke.

Modified Arm Triangle Choke- Mackenzie Dern + Augusto Tanquinho

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In honor of Mackenzie Dern's stellar showing at Five Grappling Super League, watch Mackenzie Dern and Augusto Tanquinho demonstrate this double underhook knee slide pass to modified arm triangle technique! This techni...

Bonus Move – The Demoraliser by Daniel Bertina

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Immobilisation with chest compression, wristlock, giftwrap & armlock. Does it sound good? Meet the demoraliser by Daniel Bertina

Ninja Choke – Marcos Galvao

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Marcos Loro Galvao, Bellator 135lb champion, shows us how to do the "Ninja Choke"

Murilo Bustamante – Half guard Kimura with roll

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The legend Murilo Bustamante shows you how to attack the Kimura from the top half guard

Kimura to Paper-Cutter Choke

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Can't finish the Kimura? No worries, go for the paper-cutter choke!

Brabo-ish Loop Choke

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Crazy choke which resembles a mix of the brabo and a loop choke, check it out!