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Roger Gracie, Setting Up the Ezekiel Choke

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  In this video for Roger breaks down his secrets that set the World Championships on fire and how he either uses his gi chokes to pass the guard and get the mount or use the threat of ...

Submitting deep half guard with crucifix position

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In this video we go through submits to deep half guard. Transition to crucifix position and choke and armbar from crucifix. Also attacks from crucifix while opponent tries to escape.

Victor Estima, Estima Lock/Footlock Counter To Inversion: Jiu-Jitsu Magazine, Issue #25

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  Victor is a true master at one of the deadliest moves we've ever witnessed, the Estima Lock. It is essentially a combination (in the best ways for Victor and worst ways for his opponent) of a straight ankle/...

Kimura Trap From Top Half-Guard

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Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to take the back from top half-guard using the Kimura trap.

24 Gi Chokes in Less Than 5 Minutes- Jason Scully

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Jason Scully: In this video you'll video 24 Gi Choke techniques to help you get more ideas to expand you attacking game with the gi on. The great thing about the gi is that you can not only choke your opponent with th...

X-Pass to Arm in Ezekiel Choke- Michael Liera Jr

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Kurt Osiander – Lapel Choke

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Kurt Osiander teaches you a very nasty and effective lapel choke from the Knee Slide pass. Featuring blue belt and celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain.

Modified Arm Triangle Choke- Mackenzie Dern + Augusto Tanquinho

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In honor of Mackenzie Dern's stellar showing at Five Grappling Super League, watch Mackenzie Dern and Augusto Tanquinho demonstrate this double underhook knee slide pass to modified arm triangle technique! This techni...

Inside heel hook from the Leg drag

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BJJ Black Belt Karl Nemeth shows a basic Inside heel hook from the Leg drag position

Brabo-ish Loop Choke

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Crazy choke which resembles a mix of the brabo and a loop choke, check it out!

Tales From Deep Half: Peruvian Neck Tie with the lapel

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Phil Ounsley breakes down how to choke an opponent unconscious in the most offensive fashion possible with this lapel version of the Peruvian Neck Tie

Rafael Formiga – Clock choke

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Rafael Formiga gives some very important tips on how to finish the Clock choke

Attacking the neck of the Guard Player

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Learn several effective ways of attacking the neck of the guard player

Collar Choke from Knee Slice

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A DEEP choke that you can apply when passing with a knee slice.

How to Do the D’Arce & Japanese Necktie Chokes

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Denis Kang and Stephan Kesting shows you how to make your D'Arce and Japanese necktie chokes more effective.

Crazy & unique Stack Pass Submission

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Have you ever seen this one?

Submissions Are Everywhere!: Episode 3 – Mr. Americano

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Jim applies the study of planar geometry and anatomy in way never before conceived....on limbs!

Banana split from the Truck

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Karl Nemeth shows the Banana split and Crotch ripper from the truck

Clark Gracie Rolling Calf Slicer against De la Riva Guard at BJJLIBRARY

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  Clark Gracie teaches a rolling calf slicer against the de la riva guard. Get full access to the seminar and more at Come train BJJ in San Diego and stay at the BJJ Hostel: htt...

The Estima Lock vs 93 Guard

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Learn this extremely tight foot lock to be performed on your opponent when he is doing the 93 Guard

How To Do The Tightest Darce Choke by Edwin Najmi

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BJJ world champion Edwin Najmi shows how he does to adjust the Darce Choke. It is super impressive to see how he can apply this choke even with the gi. Edwin Najmi has been tearing it up with submission victory aft...