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Breaking The Turtle Position To Head And Arm Choke

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Learn how to setup the Head and Arm choke when you are on top Turtle position. Great explanation on leverage and control!

Brutal step over Clock choke

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Brutal choke from top Turtle position. This will get your neck sore just from watching!

Butterfly Guard Pass to Reverse Heel Hook- Augusto Frota

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  Augusto Frota of Frota Academy shows a nasty reverse heel hook when passing the butterfly guard! Reversal heel hook ☠ Works for me, let me know if works for u as well ?...

Calf Slicer From Top Closed Guard

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Open the guard, setup and submit... couldn't be easier!

Can’t Break Full Guard in BJJ? Try this Painful Choke to Open Guard

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A really frustration situation in BJJ is when a long legged person locks up Full Guard, squeezes and doesn't open.

Carlson Gracie Style Half Guard Choke- Gabor Fodor, Carlson Gracie Hungary

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Gabor ‘Foczo’ Fodor is a BJJ black belt under Mihály Sztraka. He is an instructor at Carlson Gracie Hungary, Budapest. he has won Gracie Invitational in blue belt division, Bristol Open, when he was purple, Hungarian ...

Choke from the Turtle position

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Lapel choke from the top Turtle

Clark Gracie Rolling Calf Slicer against De la Riva Guard at BJJLIBRARY

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  Clark Gracie teaches a rolling calf slicer against the de la riva guard. Get full access to the seminar and more at Come train BJJ in San Diego and stay at the BJJ Hostel: htt...

Closed guard opening to Straight foot lock and Heel Hook

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Very good leg attacks setups from the moment you open your opponent's Closed guard

Collar Choke from Knee Slice

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A DEEP choke that you can apply when passing with a knee slice.

Collar Choke From Top Half Guard

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The Collar Choke from the top half guard you are probably not doing but should

Cool Knee Bar/ Foot Lock Combo from Half Guard- Alberto Crane

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This is a cool way to catch a knee bar from UFC veteran and Jiu Jitsu World Champion Alberto Crane.

Crazy & unique Stack Pass Submission

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Have you ever seen this one?

Cromado – Guillotine Blitzkrieg

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Cromado shows exactly what you need to do to submit when your opponent pulls guard and is doing the Butterfly guard in front of you

Crucifix From Deep Half-Guard by John Piper & Bernardo Faria

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Crucifix From Deep Half-Guard by John Piper & Bernardo Faria.

Davi Ramos ADCC Flying Armbar technique breakdown

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Davi Ramos pulled off a very slick flying armbar at ADCC. Noah Tillis gives us a breakdown of how it happened!

De la Riva Pass To Calf Slicer – Mauro Ayres

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A very painful submission you can do when trying to pass your opponent's De la Riva Guard

DLR Pass to Triangle

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De la Riva Guard Pass to reverse Triangle Choke

Double Under Pass to Kimura

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An ingenious way to complete the Double Under pass and transition right away to the Kimura

Double Under to Back to Rear Naked Choke- Carlos Maia

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  BJJ black belt, Carlos Maia shows a nice guard pass. Carlos Maia teaches at Carlos Maia BJJ Academy in Ljulbljana, Slovenia.

Draculino – Lapel Choke from Half Guard

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BJJ legend, Draculino, shows a very nasty and effective choke from the half guard.