Knne cut/slice

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TT Pass Variation 1- Rafael Mendes

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The famous guard pass developed at the TT academy in Sao Paolo and demonstrated by world champion.

Knee Cut Pass Bronx Style

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Bronx Jiu-Jitsu owner and Vitor Shaolin black belt, Junior Ortega dropping science on how he likes to hit the knee cut pass

Cross Choke from the Knee Slice – Leandro Lo

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Leandro Lo starts from the knee slice position, then he drops his hips on the mat, so that he takes João Paulo's lapel. After, Leandro cross his knee to the mat and make a crossed grip on the lapel. Leandro pulls João...


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here's a cool kneecut position I worked in my finals match from yesterday! KNEE CUT PASS ATTEMPT // here's a cool kneecut position I worked in my finals match from yesterday! My homie @aj_sousa...

Intense Passing Combo – Nelson Puentes

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Nelson Puentes demonstrates just how much persistence pays off. He tries knee slice, smash pass ,terere pass, x pass and more     PERSISTANT Passing by @invertedgearnelson! NAME all of the PASS at...

Knee Slice Counters – Tom DeBlass

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Here David Matiaz Gonzalez and I show how to deal with an opponent using the knee slice pass. Remember, you must get their head above your head in order to properly deal with the knee slice pass. Here are two ve...

Understanding and Developing the Knee Cut Pass- Jon Thomas

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Understanding and Developing the Knee Cut Pass.

Knee Slice Pass from Knee Shield

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You can't beat the basics! Brad Wolfson, demonstrates a knee slice pass to defeat your opponent's knee shield guard

Jeff Glover Shares Sneaky Knee Slice transition Into Back Take

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   Jeff Glover Shares a Very Sneaky Knee Slice transition Into Back Take     Gordon is a jiu jitsu master. Today's noon class move. @victorymmasd A video posted by Jeff Glover (@yo...

The Proper Way to Knee Cut

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The Knee Cut is a very common, and effective, technique. Making sure you understand the mechanics of the movement and executing it with your hips rather than with your knee can make a big difference in it's success rate.

Budo Jake – Episode 100 with Shawn Williams Part 2 of 2 Sweep Single to Knee Slide

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Shawn gives his thoughts on his teammate, Garry Tonon vs Rousimar Palhares at Polaris 3, EBI on fightpass and shows a Sweep Single to Knee Slide

Situations from the Knee Slice Position – Guilherme Pinheiro

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João Paulo Bertuccelli and Guilherme Pinheiro. • Position : - Three situations from the knee slice pass

BJJ – Knee slice guard pass (Kill the knee shield)

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Learn how to kill the Knee Shield to keep performing your Knee Slice pass

Collar Choke from Knee Slice

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A DEEP choke that you can apply when passing with a knee slice.

Standing Half Guard Pass Into D’arce- Renato Cardoso

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 Decorated champ Renato Cardoso demonstrates his favored way to setup the D'Arce choke from Standing half huard pass         Uma posição muito boa pra vocês! Espero que consigam...

Concepts To Stabilize Knee Slice – Gui Mendes

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 concepts on stabilizing the knee slide pass by Gui Mendes       concepts on stabilizing the knee slide pass || #aojdaily #aojstyle @artofjiujitsu || neste video expl...

How To Stop The Knee Slice Pass – Gustavo Gasparin

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Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to stop one of the most high percentage guard passes in Jiu Jitsu: the Knee Slice Pass.

Passing DLR with Knee Slide and Leg Drag

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BJJ Drill Passing De La Riva with Knee Slide and Leg Drag

Knee Slice With Collar Grip – Cobrinha

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Cobrinha shows the knee slice with a modified grip on the collar instead of around the ribs.

Low Cut Knee Slide Over Calf by Adam Wardzinski

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Adam Wardzinski is one of the most successful Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitors in the world today. This is a clip off of his instructional series "Polish Power Passing" available exclusively at BJJFanatic...

Kimura Trap From Top Knee Shield to Back Take

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A smooth transition from the top Knee Shield to a Kimura trap, passing the half guard and then chosing whether you want to go for the mount or take the back

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