Lasso Guard

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Lasso Guard to Omoplata by Adam Wardzinksi

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Master advanced butterfly guard concepts from BJJ black belt and elite world-class competitor, Adam Wardzinski. Wardzinski is known as one of the best butterfly guard players in all of BJJ and he’s used his incr...

Inverted Lasso Sweep by Jonnatas Gracie

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Jonnatas Gracie is a premier black belt competitor representing the Atos Jiu Jitsu association. This is an excerpt from his new series NEXT LEVEL LASSO GUARD available exclusively from Learn the be...

Detailed Breakdown of the Leg Lasso Guard (and the 1st Sweep from there)

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Elliott Bayev breaks down the Leg Lasso variation of the spider guard, explaining the different defensive and offensive purposes of the guard.

Renzo Gracie’s Lasso-Pendulum Sweep To Triangle

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In another exclusive production for Renzo Gracie Online Academy (RGOA), Renzo teaches details on how to set up a powerful sweep: The lasso-pendulum sweep He shows a fine detail regarding how to open the...

Lasso Guard Passing – BJJ Joe feat. Greg Walker

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Lasso Guard | Pass #1 and #2 with Professor Greg Walker, Chesapeake, VA BJJ Joe

Lasso Guard To Loop Choke – Queixinho

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Yikes, I guess that works.Osvaldo Moizinho loop chokes Rolando Samson at the Mexico City Summer Open 2017

Over Under Against Spider Lasso – Bernardo Faria

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5x World Champ Bernardo Faria Shows How To Pass This Very Tough Guard

How To Sweep Someone Stalling in Your Guard- Thomas Johannessen

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Butterfly entry to de la riva standup sweep by Thomas Johannessen, black belt under Eduardo Teta Rios of Frontline academy in Norway. His partner is Serbian Bjj black belt Luka Radulovic, instructor at http://tromsoka...

Lasso Guard – Tarsis Humphreys

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Level Up Your Lasso! Now that you know the basics, let's get tricky! World Champion Tarsis Humphreys continues his mission to teach his unique variation on the lasso guard. I

4 LEG LASSO Techniques – REAL FAST! – Tom Davey

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I've posted a couple of videos where I use the Leg Lasso technique. It is really powerful and fun! When done the correct's close to unstoppable. I've been asked by my students and The Grappling Academy subscr...

The AWESOME LEG Lasso LEG BAR Entrance! – Tom Davey

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The AWESOME LEG LASSO Into LEG BAR Entrance...we looked at something similar recently - the lasso into catapult sweep, which is one of my favorites. If you have the time take a look at that video. This one uses a ...

Lapel Sweep Getting the 50/50 Position – Luiz Panza

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Luiz Panza and Didi Martins. • Position : - Closed Guard / Lapel Sweep / Leg Lock / 50-50 on top.

Kurt Osiander’s Move of the Week – Lasso Guard Sweep to Omopalata

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Kurt Osiander's Move of the Week - Lasso Guard Sweep to Omopalata


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This is one of my favorite sweeps - The Leg LASSO CATAPULT Sweep! Why? because it also involves one of my favorite guards the spider guard. With a few tweaks, you can grab a sweep that is very difficult to defend ...

Lasso guard – Reverse DLR – To the Back – Jacqueline Ramos

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Jacqueline Ramos World champion in both gi and nogi shows a cool combo leading to a back take!       Lasso guard ???????? Reverse DLR ???????? To the Back ???????????????? #Repost @lucasleit...

Sneaky Lasso To Triangle Setup – Lucas Cintra

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   Sneaky Lasso To Triangle Setup by Lucas Cintra       lasso to triangle with @rafa_e_jo A video posted by Lucas (@lucas_rochajj) on Nov 14, 2016 at 6:45pm PST

Simple Sweep, Lasso Guard to Side Control – Michael Tohme

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How to do a Simple sweep from the Lasso Guard using the Dela Riva into Side Control, for Gi BJJ & Sambo used by Michael Tohme

Lasso Pass Sequence – Kristian Woodmansee

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Break down one of Kristian Woodmansee's favorite pass sequences to take the back from lasso. Kristian Woodmansee is an Atos World Champion, Two time European Champion and two time Pan Am Champ

Lasso X guard to Leg Crushes – Jared Weiner

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 Lasso X guard to leg crushes with Jared Weiner and Mark Reding     Some drilling with @rmajiujitsu || Lasso X guard to leg crushes || #bjjunited #bjju #tacteambjj #purebredjiujitsu #redingbjj ...

Leg lasso/De la Riva Worm Guard setup to X Guard Sweep – Daniel Nakamura

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  Leg lasso/De la riva worm guard setup to x guard sweep       Solid. from @jitsugram - Leg lasso/De la riva worm guard setup to x guard sweep #naoparanunca #bjj #oss #ibjjf #lutabon...

Spider Guard to Triangle with Armbar Option – Abmar Barbosa

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Aggressive Spider Guard - Spider Guard to Triangle with Armbar Option

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