Rolling Sessions

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Claudio Calansans Takes Down Rodolfo Vieira (2011 Worlds)

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Rodolfo Vieira vs Claudio Calasans 2011 World Championships

Marcelo Garcia Rolling With Cobrinha

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Marcelo Garcia - Best grappler in the world! Here he rolls with another great grappling legend Cobrinha.

Rickson Gracie sparring with his students – Part 3

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Third and last part of the video where we can see a young Rickson Gracie sparring with some of his students.

After Thoughts Ep. 2 Kennedy Maciel

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After Thoughts is a YouTube series that features students that train at Cobrinha's academy in Los Angeles. Featuring Kennedy Maciel on this one.

Condit Rolling in Preparation For Maia With Ricky Lundell

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  Condit Rolling in Preparation For Maia With Ricky Lundell       Open Workout with my dude @carloscondit and myself today!!! Pretty sure no one will be ready to stop these moves!!!! Le...

Surf Legend Joel Tudor rolling with Chris Haueter

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Joel Tudor is a former 2x world surfing champion (Longboard) who has conquered several important medals in major BJJ and submission wrestling tournaments. Tudor is also a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Carlson G...

Marcelo Garcia Vs Keenan Cornelius

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Great roll between these two beasts of the old and new school of BJJ.

Paulo Filho training his defenses and escapes part 1

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See how Paulo Filho trains his BJJ defenses and escapes, including Amaury Bitetti going after him like a bear from 01:00

BJJ Black Belt & Sambo Master Roll

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  3rd degree BJJ Black Belt Prof. Silvio Braga & Sambo Master Silviu Vulc roll at Phuket Top Team in Thailand.

Rodolfo Vieira helps American Top Team’s Marcos Parrumpinha Prepare for Masters

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Marcos Parrumpinha will be in the world master2016 competing at Super Heavyweight. So they have been preparing his techniques training with nothing less than Rodolfo Vieira. Check out this training now.

Purple belt Eddie Bravo trying to take Jean Jacques Machado’s back and getting denied

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Purple belt Eddie Bravo trying to take Jean Jacques Machado's back during rolling and getting denied

Kurt Osiander trains at Ralph Gracie SF

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Check out Kurt Osiander training at Ralph Gracie SF, a belt promotion whipping and even Kurt speaking some portuguese 30 seconds into the video

Ralek Gracie Rolling with Big Brown Belt

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This Rolling Reflections took place March 2012. Pete rolls with Ralek Gracie in a nice fast paced flow roll. There is a lot of things happening in this roll and many techniques being applied but don't blink because yo...

Marcelo Garcia rolling w Jake Shields

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Watch Marcelo Garcia roll with Jake Shields

Marcelo Garcia training with Magid Hage IV

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On September 10th, Marcelo Garcia went to Studio 540 and taught a noon class. After teaching techniques, Marcelo graciously trained a few rounds with in there. Here is his round with Magid Hage IV.

Dillon Danis & Conor McGregor flow training

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Dillon Danis and Conor McGregor flow training in Las Vegas

Finnish Olympic Wrestler (74kg) vs. Bodybuilder (140kg)

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Jouko Salomaki vs Hans Fell...

Paulo Miyao Rolls with Super Tough 14yo Orange Belt || In the Gym with BJJ Hacks

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  Watch Paulo Miyao roll with a seriously tough orange belt! Matheus is 14 years old and is one of the young students at Unity Jiu Jitsu School in NYC. Filmed by

Roger Gracie Rolls with His 16 yr old 230lbs Cousin Rayron Gracie

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The GOAT Roger Gracie rolls with Rayron (son of the late Ryan Gracie) who is a world juvenile champion and at only 16yrs of age is already 230lbs. They are comparing him to Roger....

Budo Dave Rolling in Costa Rica

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In this short rolling clip, Dave shows a strong open guard game and a triangle to omoplata finish

Gregor Gracie no-gi sparring

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Watch Gregor Gracie no-gi sparring at the Renzo Gracie academy in NYC.

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