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Jiu Jitsu World League Highlights

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Gina Hopkins: Grapplers Heart – Competing in Jiu Jitsu, with Dystonia

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Gina Hopkins traveled from the UK to New York last year to compete in the first ever Brazilian jiu jitsu competition for disabled grapplers, called Grapplers Heart. This is her story.

Ankle pick into Juji gatame by William Schrimsher

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This is a really nice example of a low ankle pick into juji gatame. You notice will starts off with a tight overhook before getting low, securing his opponents ankle and running through with the takedown.

Rickson Gracie Highlights

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No introductions needed for him. Rickson Gracie and his best moments

Robert Whittaker vs. Derek Brunson – UFC Fight Night 101

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Whittaker vs Brunson from 11.27.2016 mirror: mirror:

Rickson Gracie sparring with his students – Part 1

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First part of the video where we can see a young Rickson Gracie sparring with some of his students.

Ryron Gracie vs Josh Barnett (Gracie Breakdown)

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  Live from the Metamoris locker room, Ryron and Rener break down the match with Josh Barnett.

Pedro Sauer Black Belt Demonstrates Full Mount Pressure

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Mike Johnson is a Pedro Sauer Black Belt and an instructor at Relson Gracie Maryland with locations in Columbia and Finksburg, Maryland. Mike is also a Lieutenant in the Howard County Police Department who has been ...

Dominyka Obelenyte vs Monique Medeiros Elias 2015 Mundials (Absolute Finals) and Podium

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Dominyka Obelenyte vs Monique Medeiros Elias 2015 Mundials (Absolute Finals)

Top 5 Ne Waza | World Championships Budapest 2017

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5. Diyorbek Urozboev (juji gatame) 4. Tonaki Funa (kuzure-kesa-gatame) 3. Uuganbaatar Otgontbaatar (leg insertion shime-waza) 2. Ryan Vargas (juji gatame) 1. Miklos Ungvari (huizinga roll)

Judo Black Belt Chokes Out BJJ Black Belt in Competition

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Judo black belt faced a BJJ black belt in competition and used a very powerful choke to choke him out.

The Day a Wrestling Legend was Defeated | Aleksandr Karelin

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Aleksandr Karelin was the "greatest wrestler of all time" and a huge favourite, but Rulon Gardner- a dairy farmer from Wyoming - was the surprise he could not have expected.

Quick Arm Drag ➡ Arm Lock In NoGi Competition

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Nice one!       Arm Drag ➡ Arm Lock Voador. (Curta ???? Facebook: Jiu Jitsu LifeStyle.) #jiujitsulifestyle #jiujitsu #jiu #jj #bjj #artesuave #oss #tatame #armlockvoador #flyingarmbar #grapl...

Leandro Lo with a Steady Signature Pass at Euros 2017

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Leandro Lo with a Steady Signature Pass at Euros 2017

Rodolfo Vieira helps American Top Team’s Marcos Parrumpinha Prepare for Masters

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Marcos Parrumpinha will be in the world master2016 competing at Super Heavyweight. So they have been preparing his techniques training with nothing less than Rodolfo Vieira. Check out this training now.

Andre Campos vs Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu – Abu Dhabi Grand slam Absolute finals

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From the Abu Dhabi Grand Slam world tour LA, Andre Campos of Gracie Barra Santa Baraba meets Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu in the black belt absolute finals.

Mahamed Aly vs Roberto “Cybrog” Abreu / World Championship 2017

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It was all out war for these two...

Keenan Cornelius Rolls with 7 black belts no rest

1.25K Views0 Comments from a seminar in Denmark.    

Lucas Leite Vs. Sean Roberts

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Watch Lucas Leite Vs. Sean Roberts at the 2009 Grapplers Quest in San Diego.

Caio Terra’s baratoplata at the Worlds No-Gi final

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Caio Terra awed the crowd at the final of the 2015 Worlds No-Gi when he finished Yusuke Honma with a baratoplata to win his 8th gold medal since 2008.

Kron Gracie vs Garry Tonon’s Amazing Armbar Escape

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Here's something you don't see every day. Kron Gracie vs Garry Tonon's Amazing Armbar Escape.