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Remember Wallid Ismail putting Shungo Oyama to sleep

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On this classic fight you can remember how Wallid Ismail put Shungo Oyama to sleep using an arm triangle.

Judo Highlights – Qingdao Grand Prix 2015

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Watch World Champions Teddy Riner return to action after winning his 8th Title, Yu Song does not disappoint home fans

All Of Nate Diaz’s UFC Finishes

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Amazing supercut of finishes by UFC's Nate Diaz      

Bill “The Grill” Cooper pulls off a submission at Eddie Bravo’s request

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A nice little throwback and a super impressive athlete to boot.

McGregor Grappling with a kid

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This short snippet shows Mr.Arrogant Flamboyance grappling with a kid at Mjölnir MMA

Chael Sonnen Takedown Highlights

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Being that Chael recently retired, here are all his UFC takedowns along with a couple reversals.

Top 10 Ippons of 2015

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Watch a compilation of the most beautiful Ippons of 2015

Georges St-Pierre v Johny Hendricks Takedown Study – BJJ Scout

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Interesting 2-part study from BJJ Scout. For Part 2 click here.

Braulio Estima MMA Debut

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includes walk ins, intro, fight and post fight in-cage interview Braulio Estima v Chris Holland @ Titan Fighting Championships 24 August 24, 2012.

Shinya Aoki Finishes With Armbar triangle in Latest Bout

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Shinya Aoki Finishes With Armbar triangle in Latest Bout Shinya Aoki v Garry Tonon is the only MMA fight that makes sense #bjj4life #bjjforlife #bjjfamily #bjjstyle #bjjproblems #bjjfighter #armbar A post share...

Most Aggressive Jiu-Jitsu Fighter Of All Time vs Kung Fu Master

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  In this video, Ralph Gracie, one of the most aggressive jiu-jitsu fighters in history tests his skills in a no holds barred fight against a Kung Fu master... In sharp contrast to the typical "passive" Gra...

Kickboxing Legend Faces Olympic Wrestler

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Andy Souwer Kickboxing record Total 180 Wins 160 By knockout 98 Losses 19 By knockout 4 Draws 1

Craig Jones And Gordon Ryan In EBI Overtime For Belt

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Craig Jones And Gordon Ryan In EBI Overtime For Belt #danaher #dds #ebi #subonly #ilovebjj #bjj4life A post shared by BJJ Hot Takes (@bjjhottakes) on Dec 3, 2017 at 11:34pm PST

Tom DeBlass Shares Troubling Personal Experience W Kneebar Ref

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    Same ref that gave the match to the other kid yesterday in the world's after he dq'd him. Here he was reffing my match against Comprido a few years ago, he says go, I pass the guard, Comprido com...

Baloon Sweep to Armbar

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Balloon sweep to armbar an old time Alliance favorite         House Favorite: ● Balloon Sweep + Arm Bar Favorito da Casa: ● Balão + Chave de Braço Credits: Beyductions @lallodelu...

Rodolfo Vieira x Ben Henderson – ADCC 2015

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Rodolfo Vieira x Ben Henderson best moments at the 2015 ADCC


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A fun little look back at EBI 9 Light-Heavyweights

[Video] EBI 9 Competitor Competes At Local Tournament Blindfolded

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[Video] EBI 9 Competitor Competes At Local Tournament Blindfolded. Read more.

Throwback: Marcelo Garcia vs Ronaldo Jacare Souza

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Nice little throwback to ADCC 2005 absolute category

Michelle Nicolini vs Andressa Souza – Brasileiro 2016

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Michelle Nicolini facing Andressa Souza at Brasileiro 2016

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