Lasso Guard

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Lasso guard – Reverse DLR – To the Back – Jacqueline Ramos

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Jacqueline Ramos World champion in both gi and nogi shows a cool combo leading to a back take!       Lasso guard ???????? Reverse DLR ???????? To the Back ???????????????? #Repost @lucasleit...

Sneaky Lasso To Triangle Setup – Lucas Cintra

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   Sneaky Lasso To Triangle Setup by Lucas Cintra       lasso to triangle with @rafa_e_jo A video posted by Lucas (@lucas_rochajj) on Nov 14, 2016 at 6:45pm PST

Simple Sweep, Lasso Guard to Side Control – Michael Tohme

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How to do a Simple sweep from the Lasso Guard using the Dela Riva into Side Control, for Gi BJJ & Sambo used by Michael Tohme

Lasso Pass Sequence – Kristian Woodmansee

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Break down one of Kristian Woodmansee's favorite pass sequences to take the back from lasso. Kristian Woodmansee is an Atos World Champion, Two time European Champion and two time Pan Am Champ

Lasso X guard to Leg Crushes – Jared Weiner

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 Lasso X guard to leg crushes with Jared Weiner and Mark Reding     Some drilling with @rmajiujitsu || Lasso X guard to leg crushes || #bjjunited #bjju #tacteambjj #purebredjiujitsu #redingbjj ...

Leg lasso/De la Riva Worm Guard setup to X Guard Sweep – Daniel Nakamura

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  Leg lasso/De la riva worm guard setup to x guard sweep       Solid. from @jitsugram - Leg lasso/De la riva worm guard setup to x guard sweep #naoparanunca #bjj #oss #ibjjf #lutabon...

Spider Guard to Triangle with Armbar Option – Abmar Barbosa

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Aggressive Spider Guard - Spider Guard to Triangle with Armbar Option

Lasso Elevator Guard – Dave Camarillo

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 Dave Camarillo shows a smooth sweep from Lasso Elevator Guard       Lasso Elevator Guard - @a_caito #bjj #Shoyoroll A video posted by Dave Camarillo (@davecamarillo) on May 12, 2016 at...

Pivot Sweep from Lasso Guard – SBG

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Coach Brad Bentley of SBG Idaho shows a pivot sweep from lasso guard

Omoplata from Leg Lasso – Osvaldo “Queixinho” Moizinho

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Queixinho demonstrates one of his favorite techniques - Omoplata from leg lasso       ???????? Uma das minhas posições favoritas, omoplata da guarda laço. Obrigado @notatame por postar a mi...

How to Attack the Triangle from the Lasso – Gui Mendes

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 Professor Gui showing how to attack the triangle from the lasso guard during last nights 6PM Fundamentals Class       Professor Gui showing how to attack the triangle from the lasso gu...

Lasso Guard and Sweep variations – Rainho

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  Lasso Guard and Sweep variations to submissions with Gabriel Rainho BJJ

Tarsis Humphreys – Lasso Guard Sweep

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Tarsis Humphreys, IBJJF World Champion and Abu Dhabi World Pro Champion, shows the lasso guard sweep he used to beat Braulio Estima and win the Abu Dhabi World Pro Absolute Championship

Inside De La Riva Lasso Guard Attacks

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Attack your opponent's base from inside DLR with Lasso Guard

Tricky Transition to a Bicep Slicer

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A submission which is very hard to see it coming and very painful when properly applied

Inversion to arm bar

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A very sneaky Armbar from the Lasso guard for you to learn and bring some arms home to your collection

Sweep to Bicep Slicer

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The biceps slicer is a very painful and nasty submission that can really do some serious damage to your opponent

Lasso Sweep With Rafael Quinones

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Great sweep from Lasso Guard with Rafael Quinones

Sweep and Kneebar from Lasso Guard – Pedro Pimenta

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Pedro Pimenta shows a sweep and Kneebar from the Lasso Guard

Half-lasso scissor sweep – Stas Varshavsky

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Lasso guard sweep with a reverse De la Riva hook when your opponent stands up

The Tarsis Sweep with Tarsis Humphreys and Nathan Mendelsohn

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An amazing sweep you can use to easily take the back from the Lasso guard.

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