Making a basic BJJ Game Plan can be incredibly helpful for new competitors who aren’t exactly sure how to go about their techniques.

While a BJJ game plan rarely holds up exactly the way you intended. Like the old saying goes, “a plan never survives first contact,” Right?

There are some advantages to having a well drilled and defined game plan you intend to use.

1. Having a game plan helps eliminate hesitation of execution during a match (That’s when you can’t pull the trigger).

- It helps kill the nerves by giving you a better sense of preparedness and giving you a clear set of techniques to replay through your head before the BJJ competition.

- It helps control the pace and tempo of the BJJ match. If you initiate first you’re opponent will be forced to react to you.

- It makes it easier to adjust to new situations during the match. By having a clear game plan. Your mind will be more freed to adjust during the match. Opposed to having no game plan and having to focus on what you plan to use at every step of the way.

Again, I hope this video was helpful to you. If you’d like to check out the free .pdf. Click the link below. I hope it’s helpful with your future Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions.