Is foam rolling good for recovery?

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In my opinion, yes.

But foam rolling works differently than you think.

Foam rolling is effective on a neurological level where the pressure on your muscles gives your brain feedback to release the restricted area.

There is also a component of bringing blood flow to the area you are foam rolling, With blood flow you get oxygen and nutrition to your muscle which will essentiallly assist with recovery.

Most people agree that foam rolling is a better technique for after activity as a recovery tool. I personally have found benefit to foam rolling before and after BJJ or training as I feel the aspect of increased blood flow helps my muscles get warmed up and also the neurological component of foam rolling helps with the recovery and keeping my muscles from getting as tight after training.

Try it out and see what works for you, but keep in mind that foam rolling is a useful tool in addition to a complete recovery program.

The Jiu-Jitsu Therapist.