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This is a review of the Manto 4.0 Classic BJJ gi. The 4.0 is made of a single weave cotton jacket with an EVA foam collar and lightweight cotton pants. This IBJJF approved gi weighs 3lbs 13oz, comes in white, blue or black, and retails for 139.95 on


Manto seems to always do a good job with its designs. The jacket has three big patches on the chest and shoulders along with the grappling logo embroidered into the back. The jacket does have cotton lining in the sleeve cuffs and the bottom of the skirt, but it’s plain white.

The pants have three large patches as well that carry out the yellow, white and blue color scheme. I love that this gi doesn’t have any contrast stitching for two reasons. One, I like white on white stitching. Two, it would’ve been too much. As it stands, the 4.0 has some dominant design work while still retaining a clean, well-defined look.

Fit and Feel

I’m 5’8″ and 160 lbs, and the A2 is a bit big on me. If you’re around my size, I’d bump down to the A1 for a better fit. As you can see from the measurements chart, though, I did get it to shrink down after a couple cold washes and machine dries. The 4.0 is a highly comfortable gi, thanks in part to the taped seams and the soft cotton pants. The overall cut and feel of this gi is excellent.

Build Quality

I’m kind of a nerd when it comes to sewing quality so I always go over stitching very closely, especially on patchwork and embroidery. The Manto holds up very well to the scrutiny. The patchwork was well done, but the edges were a little scratchy on a couple of them. The gi has standard side vent and crotch reinforcements but doesn’t have them in the armpit area. As I’ve found in other gis, this isn’t a big deal. I liked the added touch of the taped seams inside the jacket. That makes it a little more comfortable if you’re rolling without a rash guard.

Great construction work on the 4.0

In Action

Even though it was a little big on me, the 4.0 has a great cut to it. And, because it’s so comfortable, it’s a blast to roll in. Not much else to say other than I found it to be a highly enjoyable experience, and it’s the kind of gi that makes me want to go roll.


The Manto 4.0 is an excellent blend of quality design, construction, feel and price. There are an overwhelming number of choices in the $140 price range, and the 4.0 is certainly worthy of consideration.