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This is a review of the Atama New Light Kimono, a single weave, single-piece construction gi with no back seam, rip stop collar, rip stop pants, Atama Ribbon on the arms and legs, and reinforced stress zones all in an IBJJf legal package. Atama is, of course, the name in jiu-jitsu gis, and they charge accordingly.


The New Light is about as simple as it gets. No contrast stitching, no fancy taping, no embroidery. It does, however, have the Atama Ribbon with gold stitching. Simple can definitely be beautiful, and the New Light embraces that minimalistic beauty very well.

Fit and Feel

This gi is an A2, and you’re seeing it after a cold wash and being tossed in the dryer on low heat. Shrinkage was barely noticeable.I’m 5’8″ and walk around at 155-160 pounds. I’m a fairly average build so you can use my size as a benchmark if you’d like. Like most Atamas on me, this one tends to bunch up and be baggy through the chest. The jackets are always 2-3 inches longer than I’d like them to be, which causes that.

The New Light certainly isn’t a soft, plush gi, and the ripstop collar is a little harsh on the skin, but that’s not a deal breaker for me.

Build Quality

All of my experience with Atama gis have been positive. The quality is always top notch. The New Light has reinforcements in all the usual spots with triple stitched seams. The rubber collar is covered with ripstop material. Even though it’s crazy light, the gi does not feel flimsy at all.

In Action

If clothes make the man, then the gi helps make the grappler. The New Light feels practically weightless, almost like rolling no gi but with the traditional grips. I felt lighter, more mobile, quicker. It’s a bunch of fun to roll in, and you don’t feel like you’re drowning in a wet blanket on those hot summer days. And hang drying goes a lot faster. My main complaint is the way the gi tends to bunch up around my chest and neck while rolling.


I’ve owned two other lightweight gis, and I got rid of them both fairly quickly. I just wasn’t a huge fan of how they felt, and I didn’t have a lot of confidence in their ability to last. The Atama New Light makes me rethink my aversion to lightweight gis.

Should you buy it? It’s an Atama. And it’s light. And it’s fun to roll in. If you’ve got the cash and are looking for a lightweight gi, you’re certainly not going to regret the New Light.