Directly from Brasil, Arte Suave DVD magazine is back with 1 h 50 minutes of high-quality footage and original music. Reports, interviews, training, techniques, conditioning… BJJ, no Gi and MMA. Featuring Royler Gracie, Ronaldo Jacaré, Alvaro Romano, Kid Peligro, Demian Maia, Felipe Costa, Rodrigo Comprido and Leo Vieira. Watch the brazilian artists lifestyle and understand why they are number one in the grappling world.

For the first time ever, Royler Gracie shows his training sessions, lifestyle, conditioning and explains the Gracie family way of life that made him multiple ADCC and World Champion. Follow one full day of Demian Maia, the athlete who started Jiu-Jitsu at 19 and was on top of the world of Black Belts at 23. Listen to Leo Vieira explaining his secret strategy for each fight of the ADCC and watch the techniques that made him won the tournement. See the Brasa team in a mind-blowing training session. Enter the Amazon to uncover the training secrets that sculpted the rising MMA star and 2 X World Absolute Champion Ronaldo Jacaré. Listen to the renowned Kid Peligro talk about athletes and his books and watch his technical knowledge. As well as Ginastica Natural on the beach, Surfing and much more.