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Unravel the Turtle the Eddie Bravo way

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  Marvin Castelle 10th planet advanced kid coahc demonstrates how to get to a leglock when your opponent is in turtle quickly and efficiently       @gabe_tuttle @da_cerberus A video po...

Helicopter Choke- Denilson Pimenta

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Use this effective Helicopter Choke to surprise and defeat your opponent from GF Team Instructor Denilson Pimenta.

101 Turtle Position Fundamentals – Robert Drysdale

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Multiple-time Jiu JitsuWorld Champion and ADCC Absolute Champion, Robert Drysdale demonstrates the fundamentals of Turtle Position.

Crucifix From Turtle – Tom De Blass

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 Some crucifix attacks. I personally like the crucifix better then hooks in.       Some crucifix attacks. I personally like the crucifix better then hooks in. #jiujitsuforeveryone #ji...

Arm lock from Turtle Guard Eduardo Telles

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Arm lock from Turtle Guard Eduardo Telles.

“Neil Adams” Arm Bar/Juji-Gatame roll Combination Tutorial

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Pedro Bessa Black Belt, Craig Ewers demonstrates the Neil Adams arm bar. Craig trained with Neil when Craig was part of the Welsh Judo Squad. Craig went on to coach the National Team and is also an active black bel...

Ashi Garami/Single Leg X From Turtle – Kent Peters

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ZombieProofBJJ NoGi Techniques: Using the foot hook to get into Ashi Garami from Turtle, when the opponent starts circling to your back you can extend the closest leg and spin with the momentum for a heel hook or reve...

Turtle Guard Transitions and Recovery – Eduardo Telles

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Turtle Guard Transitions and Recovery by Eduardo Telles

Peruvian Necktie to Gator Choke and Armbar

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Brandon Quick and Evan Cutts show how to counter defenses in the Peruvian Necktie.

Ronda’s Reverse Triangle (Sankaku Jime) Set Up

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A great set for a reverse triangle aka Sankaku Jime.

Saddle From Turtle – Kent Peters

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According to Peters, it's surprisingly effective, it's a combination of the kneebar setup from turtle and the straight leg roll both of which are high percentage

Turtle Guard Transitions and Recovery -Eduardo Telles

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Turtle Master Eduardo Telles has some great insights for you

Renzo Gracie Back Take: Spread the Chicken

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Learn how to apply Renzo Gracie’s favorite way to finish from the back. This is a submission set up that he used countless times in his competitive Jiu-Jitsu career and his MMA fights. It all starts with a back tak...

Back Lapel Choke to Clock Choke Transition- Professor Ze

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Professor Ze of Renzo Gracie shows his variation of the Clock choke.

Demain Maia Explaining Some Turtle Guard Sweep Concepts

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Demain Maia Explaining Some Turtle Guard Sweep Concepts via bjjscout

Attack on Turtle – Luca Anacoreta

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 Turtle position attacks: Inverted Triangle choke➡ Omoplata reverse!       Turtle position attacks: Inverted Triangle choke➡ Omoplata reverse! @tatamifightwear @myproteinit @acai_amazo...

3 Part BJJ Drill Sequence – Back Take from Turtle – Nick Albin

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During a few of my matches this year I've been able to hit a back take form side control when the person starts to defend. In Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Oftentimes when someone threatens with the pass the back mount is ...

Flying Turtle Attack- Philipe Della Monica

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Enjoy this bonus technique from Rolled Up episode 44 with Philip Della Monica

Jean Jacques Machado: The Turtle Position

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Master Jean Jacques Machado covers defensive concepts from the turtle position

Clock Choke to Bow & Arrow Choke- Rubens Cobrinha

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Cobrinha shows an awesome transition from the clock choke to a bow and arrow. High level Jiu-Jitsu.

5 Ways To Attack The Turtle Position

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BJJ Champion Fabio Da Mata from the Evolve Fight Team demonstrates 5 chokes from the turtle position.

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