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Underhook Knee Tap by Jacob Kasper

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Use Dominant Underhook Takedowns With 2-Time NCAA All-American Jacob Kasper As He Lays Out His Battle-Tested Approach To Dominating With Underhooks! Learn efficient methods to obtain the Underhook that will keep y...

Underhook Setups by Zach Sanders

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4-Time Minnesota All-American Zach Sanders Is Here To Teach You How To Create Offensive Opportunities From EVERYWHERE! Attack From All Angles With Slick Set-Ups, Controlling Collar Ties, And Unorthodox Underhooks! ...

Double Unders High Level Twist Takedown by Pat Smith

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Learn The Inside Secrets To Effective Greco-Roman Wrestling with 2-Time World Team Wrestler Pat Smith, Including Dynamic Throwing That Scores Big Points. Get a hold of the competition and setup dynamic Greco-Rom...

Underhook Chain Wrestle to Headlock by Nazar Kulchytskyy

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Chain Wrestling Takedowns With Nazar Kulchytskyy Is A 4-Part Series Dedicated To Creating Non-stop Offense Where You Can Seamlessly Transition From One Takedown To The Next. Having trouble scoring consistent tak...

2 Ways to Do Step Across Body Lock Takedown

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  In this video Kyle Cemanra shows us how to do two different body lock takedown's the first one is a basic one the second one is when your opponent defends.

Capturing The Underhook – Cary Kolat

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Cary Kolat teaches his how to capture an undertook and use it to control your opponent.