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The Biggest No Gi Takedown Mistakes

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If you're making one of the mistakes you'll never be able to take down a quality opponent.

High Crotch Single Leg by Yuri Simoes (2x ADCC Champion)

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Yuri Simoes shows one of his favorite takedowns for jiu jitsu - the high crotch single leg. To learn more from Yuri Simoes check out his DVD High Efficiency No Gi Jiu Jitsu: Top Game -

Dave Pena All American Wrestler Shows an Inside Trip Takedown

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At Comprido BJJ, wrestling instructor Dave Peña teaches how to execute an inside trip! a very effective move in wrestling, jiu-jitsu, and MMA in general. Dave Peña is a former All American at Eastern Illinois Universi...

Cross Knee Block from Over Under: Surprisingly Effective

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From David Avellan: I remember when I first learned this back in high school I thought it was a bull crap move. It looked like it wouldn't work. That is until I actually drilled it and quickly learned it works qui...

How to Suplex: Instruction & Heavybag Drills

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Bubba Jenkins teaches the suplex, one of his signature wrestling takedowns. The suplex is a powerful throw where you launch your opponent upside-down by locking your arms around their waist, thrusting your hips, and a...

Harai Goshi Counter to Under Hook

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There are a variety of counter techniques from the over hook, but one of the more devastating moves you can do is a hip throw. There are quite a few variations on this, but on this video I focus on my favorite - the H...

Khabib Wrestling Training Masterclass with English Subtitles

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Khabib Nurmagomedov is teh ebst takedown artist in the UFC. Here is how he does it.

SAMBO Inside Trip Leg OR Zaцap- Vlad Koulikov

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Vlad Koulikov is a world champion competitor; placing three times in the USA Open and represented team USA in combat SAMBO in the World Championship in 2008. Placed and won multiple NAGA and Grapplers Quest tournament...

4 Judo No Gi Takedowns To Ground Transitions

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The Knee Tap, Cross-Body O soto Gari, Double-Leg Throw and the Cuban Leg Grab are demonstrated by Derrick Darling with Mike Pennington at the 2013 Shingitai Training Camp.

Inside trip/Ouchi gari in Freestyle Wrestling with top wrestler Salvatore Rinella

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Preparation and action for the inside trip in wrestling.

No Gi Seoi Nage (One Arm Shoulder Throw) with Rick Hawn

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No Gi Seoi Nage (One Arm Shoulder Throw) with Rick Hawn, US Judo Olympian.

How To Do Bianca Basilio’s Impressive ADCC Takeodwn

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BJJ and Judo black belt Bianca Basilio pulled off an impressive takedown at ADCC. Here's how o do it. She has been on fire in 2017 and she capped things off in Finland with an impressive silver medal finish at her ...

How To Do Suplex Armbar by Demetrious Johnson

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This video demonstrates Demetrious Johnson's amazing finish he pulled off against Ray Borg.

10 Russian Tie Up Set Ups and Counters

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10 Russian Tie Up Set Ups and Counters.

1 Hr Learn EVERY Takedown & Throw U Need for Jiu-jitsu Grappling BJJ

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1 Hr Learn EVERY Takedown & Throw U Need for Jiu-jitsu Grappling BJJ.

High Crotch To Double Leg For BJJ

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In Wrestling a basic name you could use for this would be a High Crotch to Double Leg.

2 Ways to Do Step Across Body Lock Takedown

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  In this video Kyle Cemanra shows us how to do two different body lock takedown's the first one is a basic one the second one is when your opponent defends.

How to do a No Gi Uchi Mata with Mark Lajhner

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I asked Mark Lajhner of to show us how to do an Uchi Mata in a No Gi environment. The Uchi Mata is a powerful judo throw, often used as a counter throw. Mark is the founder of Kaizen MMA in Belgrade, S...

How To Do Daniel Cormier’s 4 Single Leg Takedown Finishes

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Daniel Cormier is one of the best wrestlers to fight in the UFC. His single leg takedown is very hard to defend. Mark Lajhner, founder and chief instructor of Kaizen MMA Academy  and of shows you the 4...

Engage Standing Opponent In No Gi BJJ ( Sweep / Leglock Entry ) – Nick Albin

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In No Gi there is so much less to hold onto. Which can make it more difficult to execute techniques off your back when someone is keeping their distance. Whenever I have someone get away from me I almost alway...

Drop Shoulder Throw – Kirill Sementsov

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Kirill Sementsov explains the specifics of Sambo drop shoulder throw when used in MMA or no gi grappling.

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