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Side Control Escape With ‘The Steamroller’ from Eduardo Telles

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Eduardo Telles is one of the living legends in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and he has been at the top of the sport for nearly 2 decades. This is a technique from his new DVD Set, "Turtle Guard Revisited." For more from E...

Side Mount Escape – Bridge or Hip Escape?

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Renzo Gracie uses a traditional bridge to create space to escape with the hip and recover the Guard. Brent Littell says that bridging is hard to do and to create the space he step out one leg and drags his hips out...

The Best Side Control Escape In BJJ: Anticipation

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin demonstrates how to anticipate and escape from side control before getting smashed.


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more indepth info on the "Ghost" escape from side control! There is a cool pickel you can put your opponent in where he has to give you one way to escape or another. Its one of my most effective tricks for escaping. C...

Spinning Side Control Escape

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This escape from cross side is one of my favorites! It works very well if you do it fast and pay attention to the details.

Demian Maia Side Control Escape

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Demian Maia Side Control Escape by Matt Arroyo.

Massive Mistake When Escaping Modified SCARF HOLD

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Here are my two favourite scarf hold escapes...and why mixing them up is the biggest mistake that keeps beginners from getting out of the modified scarf hold.

Back Door Side Control Escape with the Details No One Told Me

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David Morcegao, De la rica black belt: "This was probably the first nogi and MMA side control escape I learned, but I found it so hard to do without a lot of muscle and even more luck. These are the details I found I ...

Massive Mistake While Escaping Side Control- David Morcegao

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Do you struggle to escape side control?? It probably all stems back to this one crucial detail...

Side Control Escape – Most common mistakes

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These are some of the most common mistakes I see people make when trying to escape side control.

Weird Hip Movement makes this BJJ Side Control Escape Effective – Chewjitsu

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This video shows one of my favorite Side Control Escapes in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I showed this technique at a recent Team Training Meetup in Nashville for our annual Team Shawn Hammonds Association training. I...

5 Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Escapes From Side Control – Evolve

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Santa Claus Side Control Escape – Gregg DePasquale

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Santa Claus Side Control Escape Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Gregg DePasquale shows up a side control escape to outside ashi garmi

Pedro Sauer’s Paper Cutter Choke Defense

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  A Rickson Gracie Coral belt, Pedro Sauer shows some options on  how to escape the paper cutter choke from side control.

Pedro Sauer’s Mousetrap Guillotine Escape & Sweep

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A Rickson Gracie coral belt, Pedro Sauer shows an amazing escape & sweep for when your opponent grabs your head from side control.

Renzo Gracie’s Favorite Side Control Escape

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Check out Renzo Gracie's favorite escape from side control. It's an extremely simple move that you should practice whenever possible -- ideally,while warming up before class. Check it now and enroll to “Renzo Gracie ...

Side control escape turning your back- Gregor Gracie

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In case all options studied here reveal themselves useless in the situation you are facing in combat, Gregor demonstrates a more daring plan -- one that sees you swiftly turning your back to your opponent, bending you...

Trap: Bait the Mount & Catch Them in Half Guard

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I learned this little trick from my old instructor Colin cannon. He taught it to me when I was 12 years old. It has helped me a lot in tournaments as well as class. Expecialy at the lower level because people are so e...

Super Easy Way to Escape Kesagatame – Budo Jake

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Here’s a super easy way to escape kesagatame (scarf hold). Time it right and it’ll be the easiest move you ever do!

Pedro Sauer: The Ultimate Side Control Escape

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Master Pedro Sauer breaks down the mechanic of side control escaping in only the way he can.

How To Escape Side Control Against A Larger Opponent by Fabio Gurgel

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How To Escape Side Control Against A Heavier Opponent by Fabio Gurgel

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