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Getting the Wrist Lock From The Mount by Roger Gracie

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Master the mount position and finish fights with total control using Roger Gracie’s master class series! Secure devastating submissions that work for grapplers of all levels, including cross chokes, ezekiel chokes...

Back Take From The Mount – Chris Sales

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Chris Sales shows us a back take from the mount which he used during one of his matches at the Pan Pacific Jiu Jitsu Championship. Competition footage is shown after the technique

Side Control to the Mount – Essence Of Jiu-Jitsu

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Guilherme Pinheiro and Didi Martins. • Position : 0:39 - Concepts to control the partner in the side control. 5:40 - Transition to the mount putting pressure on the training partner. 12:10 - Transition to ...

3 Quick Positional Tweaks to Hold Mount in BJJ – Nick Albin

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3 Quick Positional Tweaks to Hold Mount in BJJ by Nick Albin

Arm Triangle Choke from Mount

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Anthony Perosh shows how to perform an Arm Triangle from the Mount position

Submission from mount, concept – Jeff Glover

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 Jeff Glover seminar in full effect       Jeff Glover seminar in full effect @youjitsu @psbjj_2006 A video posted by Rio Jiu Jitsu Chicago (@petethegreek__) on May 11, 2016 at 8:57pm PDT

Mount Attacks – Ricardo Migliarese

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Mount Attacks with Ricardo The Animal Migliarese

Chris Vamos – Keeping Full Mount to allow good posture to land punches

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Chris explains how to maintain an effective strong full mount on your opponent which will allow you to attack with some ground and pound or more submissions

This One Sucks For your Opponent: Armpit Armbar

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Great option coming off a failed cross collar choke. You wedge your elbow in between their forearm and bicep and just trap their arm under your armpit and squeeze! Nice BJJ Gi by Doordie Hyperfly.

Getting to Mount from Side Control- Xande Ribeiro

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Very few competitors in modern day jiu-jitsu have left a mark as large as Xande Ribeiro. Of course, that's a statement that can be argued, but let's look at the facts: he's the winner of five Worlds championships and ...

Passing Lasso, Attacking the Mount – AoJ

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 watch this interesting entry straight into the mount!       ????Mendes Brothers #AOJDAILY || ????????drilling one of the moves that I used in the competition last weekend - passing las...

How to beat a tight defense from the Mount position

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Professor Gustavo Gasperin teaches how to deal with a tight defense from the Mount position setting up an easy Armbar.

Using The Cradle To Obtain the Mount Position by Neil Melanson

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Use Neil Melanson’s unique approach to the cradle to smash your opponent and leave them vulnerable for attack, in both Jiu-Jitsu and MMA! Learn how to use wrestling cradles in a way that involves both wrestling and...

Mount Body Hug Defense- Jeremy Arel

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Another video showing how to deal with people hugging you and trying to stall. This time it's from the mount position. This is something that I see happen commonly in MMA fights when the person is desperate and trying...

Kurt Osiander’s Self Defense Armlock

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Kurt Osiander's move of the week.

Mount escapes to leglocks – Reilly Bodycomb

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Reilly put together quite a treat for Panda Nation: 9 minutes of instruction on transitioning from your mount escape into a leg attack.

Simple Foot Fighting Trick to Stop this Common BJJ Mount Escape

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Nothing is quite as frustrating in BJJ as having a dominant position then losing it to someone who escapes. Mount in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a fantastic position for maintaining strong control. But there are a ...

Half/Butterfly Guard Pass to Mount- Roger Gracie

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Often your opponent will feel safe when they manage to insert a butterfly guard hook from their half guard. However, I love to pass this position, and I think it works really well as one of my highest percentage passa...

Cromado – 3 Side control techniques

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Cromado shows 3 techniques which you can do from Side control or transition right away from the Double under pass. Including the infamous north and south choke!

The Best Way To Mount From Side Control by Roger Gracie

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Attack Top Position With Systematic Strategy and Technique From 10-Time World Champion and Grappling Legend Roger Gracie’s Master Class On Side Control Dominance! Learn the side control techniques that Roger Gra...

Sweep to Guard Pass to Mount Sequence – Murilo Bustamante

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- Murilo start the position from the closed guard, he lets João Paulo get up and then does the sit up sweep. On top, Murilo smashes João's legs and gets the mount position.

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