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Opening Up Stalling Opponents with Knee on Belly Pressure

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Often when training in the gym opponents will become extremely defensive even if you pass the guard which can make it difficult to find the opening for a submission. In MMA the punishment for getting your guard passed...

Kurt Osiander’s Nice Details to Straight Armlock From Knee on Belly

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Kurt Osiander's Nice Details to Straight Armlock From Knee on Belly.

3 Submissions From Knee On Belly! | Evolve University

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Guest post by Evolve Vacation. The Evolve Vacation Program offers travelers the rare opportunity of a lifetime to combine a tropical vacation under the sun with authentic training under World Champions. You can train ...

Knee on Belly | Shoulder Lock with Professor Kris Kim

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Professor Kris Kim is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Tony Passos. Kris is the Head Instructor for Yongsan BJJ at Trent Warrior Fitness Center, U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, Seoul, Korea and Team Posse, Seoul, Ko...

Jiu-Jitsu – Knee on Belly Attacks

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Some high-percentage Knee on Belly attacks and setups. There are so many options from this versatile, transitional position, and these are some of my favorites I find to be useful against a variety of common energies.

Pillow Triangle From Knee On Belly- Walter Cascao

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Walter Cascao show us one of his signature moves, the "Pillow Triangle" easy to achieve after you get knee on belly on your opponent.

Knee on belly & reverse knee on belly drill by Budo Jake

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Knee on belly & reverse knee on belly drill by Budo Jake

Knee On Belly Escape To Footlock

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ZombieProofBJJ NoGi Technique: Knee On Belly Escape To Footlock (For purple belt and below you DO NOT have a slicer to worry about and you can skip the footlock and chase leg drag).

Elbow Control Armbar from Knee on Belly- Nick Bohli

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Nick Bohli | Elbow Control Armbar from Knee on Belly |

3 Most Common Knee Mount Mistakes – Stephan Kesting

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Here are the three most common mistakes in the BJJ knee mount (aka the knee on belly) position.

Knee On Belly To D’Arce – Alexander Butenko

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choke from side control or knee on belly. Full Russian language tutorial from Alexander Butenko (43-12-2 as an MMA pro, former M-1 Challenge lightweight champion). ????????Полное обучающее видео на русск...

Darce Choke From Knee On Belly – Chris Lyon

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Darce Choke From Knee On Belly by Chris Lyon featuring Bernardo Faria

North South Choke From Knee On Belly – Kent Peters

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   North South Choke From Knee On Belly by Kent Peters     Technique Of The Day: North South Choke From Knee On Belly ☠️ Suscribe to us on YouTube @ ZombieProofBJJ #TeamZombieProof @zom...

Elbow and knee on chest- Hugo Fevrier

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3rd degree BJJ black belt Hugo Fevrier shows his trademark combo: Exorcism a modified knee on belly. This is a nasty combo and he has tapped a lot of black belts with this in competition.

How to Use Knee On Belly to Force Movement – Stephan Kesting

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Rob Biernacki and Stephan Kesting share the details of the Knee on Belly (aka 'Kneemount') position in BJJ.

A Powerful Choke from Knee Mount – Denis Kang

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Denis Kang shares a sneaky and powerful choke from knee mount in BJJ and Judo. D

MG’s Mounted Crucifix to North South Choke – Kon Ying

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Marcelo Garcia's Mounted Crucifix from Knee on Belly, North South Choke

Knee On Belly Cross Choke – Romulo Barral

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 Romulo Barral teaches a great option from knee on Belly!      

Rolling Baseball Choke – Marcos Duarte

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  Marcos Duarte shows a nice variation of the baseball choke from knee on belly       Nice! #Repost @xshowtheartx ・・・ STA Technique by @murkydeep #themurkydeep #showtheart #bjj #al...

Knee on belly – Caio Terra

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Caio Terra show how to perform a choke from knee on belly. Black Belt Samir Chantre shows how to transition from knee on belly to the back

Thabet Al Taher Knee on Belly Attack system Part 2 of 2

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Thabet Al Taher explains some of his favorite submissions from the Knee on Belly position

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