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Knee on Belly Attack system Part 1 of 2

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Thabet Al Taher explains the Triangle and Armbar submissions from Knee on Belly position

Mestre Limão – Knee On belly Cross Collar Choke and Armbar

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Mestre Limão shows some of his favorite attacks from the Knee on Belly position which includes a Cross collar choke and an Armbar

Knee On Belly Guillotine

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One of the most painful submissions there is from one of the most painful positions there is as well. What else could you possibly need in your game?

Cross Choke from Knee on Belly

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Brad Wolfson demonstrates a cross collar choke from knee on belly

Triangle from the Knee On Belly

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The Knee on Belly is already a very uncomfortable position to be under, make it even worse for your opponent by attacking him with a Triangle from it

Choke from Knee on Belly

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A very strong and detailed choke from the Knee on belly position for you to add on your submissions arsenal

What is a “Baseball Bat” Choke?

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A very powerful choke you will want to learn all the details about it if you don't know yet

The Cross Choke Explained

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Detailed explanation to the Cross Choke plus a bonus Back take from the Knee on belly position when the Choke cannot be finished

Gi Choke from Knee on belly

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A gi choke breakdown to beat bigger opponents from the Knee on belly position

Brabo and Baseball Chokes From Knee On Belly

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A very easy to do Brabo and Baseball chokes from the Knee on Belly that can be used efficiently in all belts

Arm bar from Knee on Belly

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Here's a quick arm bar from knee on belly when your opponent tries to hug your leg and go for a single.

Jiu-Jitsu Heart Stopper (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME)

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Dustin Denes shows how to stop someone’s heart - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME - "You destroy him physically, mentally, spiritually..."

2 Armbars Set-ups for Bigger Opponents – Side Control

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2 armbars that are effective against bigger stronger opponents. One is done from knee on belly, typically when the opponent tries to push the knee. The other is done when the opponent gets to his side to hip escape.

Sensei Sadao – Armbar from Knee on belly

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Sensei Sadao shows a few armbar variations from the Knee on belly position.

Master Carlson Gracie – Submission from the Knee on the belly

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Extremely rare footage of the Master Carlson Gracie teaching a technique. Counter to the hip escape from the Knee on the belly.

Basic knee on belly attacks

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Cover all the bases and get your Knee on Belly attacks in check!

Far side Armbar

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Fine tune your armbar game and bring several arms home with you!

Rolling Baseball Choke

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Great variation for the Baseball Choke when someone blocks your hips and stops you from being able to rotate after you have obtained the grips

Sit Up Guard Pass to Omoplata- Marcelo Andreoli

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Marcelo Andreoli, BJJ instructor at Checkmat China, shows a really nice technique.

Baseball Bat Choke, Fernando Margarida’s Signature Move

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BJJ legend Fernando Margarida showing his best move.

Knee on Belly Kneebar- Robert Drysdale

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  Robert Drysdale, the 2007 ADCC Absolute Champion pulls out the stops with his unorthodox grappling system that is quite unlike anything you have ever seen before. This new and highly controversial style of g...