Long Step/Hip Switch

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Longstep Pass from Reverse De La Riva- Kurt Osiander Move of the Week

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  Longstep Pass from Reverse De La Riva- Kurt Osiander Move of the Week.

Step Over Guard Pass Variations – Gui Mendes

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 Gui Mendes showing guard pass variations when stepping over our opponents leg       Professor Gui showing guard pass variations when stepping over our opponents leg during this mornin...

The “HULK SMASH PASS”- Lucas Hulk

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In this technique video No Gi world champion Lucas "HULK" Barbosa shows how to pass the inverted guard.

Long step drills – Mendes Brothers

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 Long step drills from AOJ advanced classes       #AOJDAILY || long step drills that we've been working on our advanced classes - check out the details on artofjiujitsu.com || @arto...

Butt Flop Pass- Rodolfo Vieira

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Technique of butt flop guard pass shown by World Champion Rodolfo Vieira, during the seminar he has had here in Italy, at Accademia Kama Seregno.

The Backstep Pass And When Not To Do It – Nelson Puentes

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And any tips on doing the backstep pass? I like to pass with kneecut abd x guard passes. If they're really pulling me to the other side, being on their side with the leg i want to kneeslice up as the top leg. Or maybe...

Guard Pass Variations – Ricardo De La Riva

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 This week Ricardo De La Riva and his class are practicing some guard pass variations.       Esta semana estamos praticando algumas variações de passagem de guarda. This week we are p...

Passing Half Guard when Under Hooked Tutorial

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  Stuart Cooper, BJJ Black Belt, coach and renowned film maker/documentarian here filmed the fantastic Ari Galo for the Warrior Collective giving a tutorial on passing half guard when under hooked in BJJ.

Intense Passing Combo – Nelson Puentes

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Nelson Puentes demonstrates just how much persistence pays off. He tries knee slice, smash pass ,terere pass, x pass and more     PERSISTANT Passing by @invertedgearnelson! NAME all of the PASS at...

Guard Passing Drill – Jeff “Big Frog” Curran

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Pedro Sauer Online Training Academy presents some guard passing drills by Jeff Curran

Butt Flop Half Guard Pass To Armbar- Lucas Leite

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In this video Lucas demonstrates a hip out pass, to back take with an armbar finish. Assisting him is his brown belt, Patricia Fontes. For more information on Lucas Leite, a break down of this move and others he de...

Backtake Variation From Longstep Hugging The Head – AoJ

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Coach Tainan Dalpra showing how to take the back from the longstep hugging the head.

Folding Pass Details – Nelson Puentes

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The folding pass has become Nelson Puentes' go to path to a dominant top position. In this video, pulled from a seminar in Pittsburgh, Nelson talks about his guard passing strategy as well as some finer details of mak...

Longstep Guard pass from combat base- Kelley Farrell

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We have Atos Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Kelley Farrell demonstrating how to do a Guard pass from combat position.

Long Step Hip Switch Pass- Mahamed Aly

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Long Step Hip Switch Pass- Mahamed Aly.

Intricate Passing combo & Drill – Rolando Samson

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 DLR Smash ➡ Break Pant Grip ➡ Shin to Shin ➡ Clear Spider Hook ➡ Long Step (grab latissimus dorsi muscle) ➡ Walk Back by Rolando Samson       Congrats fam @rolando_samson killing it ...

Long Step Pass From The Reverse De La Riva – Rolando Samson

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Rolando Samson demonstrates his long step pass from the reverse De la Riva.

Gui Mendes Worlds 2013 – Long Step to Leg Drag

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Long Step Guard Pass to Submission- Marcos “Yemaso” Torregrosa

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Nice way to pass the De La Riva Guard with a long step pass followed by a nice submission.

Long Step Against Collar Sleeve – Bruno Frazatto

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Bruno teaches the students his highly effective methods of guard passing.

Sit Up Guard Long Step Pass- Michael Liera Jr

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Michael Liera Jr. shows a long step guard pass vs a sitting guard that he used on his way to becoming 2014 Jiu-Jitsu World Champion at Brown Belt.

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