Inverted Guard

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Countering A Throw by With An Inversion by Gordon Ryan

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Learn How Gordon “The King” Ryan Systematically Dominates The Best Grapplers In The World With Some Of Grappling’s Most Common and Effective Open Guards. Systematically attack from your back with this open guard...

Crazy inverting speed drilling featuring BJJ prodigy Bruno Amaddeo

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Very cool essential inverted guard work!

Half Granby – Rob Biernicki

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Rob Biernicki and Stephan Kesting teach the Half Granby as a way of retaining guard

50/50 to Back Control- Milton Bastos

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Milton Bastos demonstrates how to go from 50/50 through inverted guard to the Back

Roberto Roleta – Inveted Guard Front Triangle

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BJJ legend Roberto Roleta Magalhaes shows the Front Triangle from Inverted Guard technique.

Roberto Roleta – Inverted guard Triangle variation

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Roberto Roleta, famous for his impassable guard, shows an inverted guard Triangle variation.

Roberto Roleta – Inverted Guard Helicopter Sweep

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Legendary Roleta, famous for his impassable guard, shows an Inverted guard Helicopter sweep.

Tornado Guard (Inverted Guard)- Roberto ‘Cyborg’ Abreu

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This is Roberto's signature position that fighters for years have been asking for! Roberto has used the Tornado Guard to sweep and turnover some of the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters on the planet.

Inverted Guard: Taking the Back- Kristina Barlaan

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Kristina Barlaan demonstrates how to use the inverted guard to take the back.

Inverted Guard Solo Drill- Kristina Barlaan

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Kristina Barlaan teaches a solo drill as another way to get comfortable with entering and staying in the inverted guard.

Sweep from Inverted Guard- Kristina Barlaan

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See a great sweep from inverted guard with Kristina Barlaan of Caio Terra Association.

Inverted Guard Fundamentals- Ryan Hall

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The Cross Grip or Cross Guard as it is often called, is one of Ryan's most effective guard positions and something that he frequently uses in the majority of his Jiu-Jitsu matches. Ryan breaks down the Cross Grip Gua...

Triangle Chokes From Upside Down Guard- Sean Roberts

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From issue 14 of Jiu-Jitsu magazine. Sean Roberts shows us the breakdown of Triangle Chokes.

Inverted De La Riva to X-Guard Sweep- Gianni Grippo

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Gianni Grippo is one of the six talented American grapplers on the cover of GRACIEMAG #219. He shares his views on training, conditioning, technique, philosophy, and also teaches one of his favorite positions. Watch t...

Knee Bar From Inverted Half Guard | Evolve University

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In this video, ONE fighter and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championship Silver Medalist Marcos Ratinho teaches a knee bar submission from the inverted half guard position.

Spinning Inverted Armbar with BJJ Red Belt Paulo Strauch

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  Check out a sick spinning inverted armbar or omoplata when your opponent stacks you from the armbar position. Paulo Strauch is a red belt in BJJ and has raised notable fighters such as Caio Terra. Check out ...