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Americana Trap to Straight Armlock Submission Combo by Andre Galvao

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Finish fights with these airtight chokes and joint locks that Andre used at the highest levels of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Breakthrough your opponents’ defenses and control them with these concepts for slowing down ...

The Jiu-Jitsu & MMA Katagatame From Mount by Neiman Gracie

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Neiman Gracie teaches you how to take your Jiu-Jitsu skills and apply them in MMA! Prepare your game for MMA and real-world altercations by knowing how to exploit range, close the distance, take your opponent to...

The Best Way To Mount From Side Control by Roger Gracie

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Attack Top Position With Systematic Strategy and Technique From 10-Time World Champion and Grappling Legend Roger Gracie’s Master Class On Side Control Dominance! Learn the side control techniques that Roger Gra...

A Jiu Jitsu Mount Escape That Works Against Anyone by Xande Ribeiro

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Stay safe and always keep your guard with Xande Ribiero’s revolutionary diamond concept of defense. Learn Xande’s diamond concept that lets him defend, escape, and reguard against the best in the world – everyon...

Wrist Lock From Mount by Pete The Greek

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Bring Science To “Prison Rules Jiu-Jitsu” – Wristlocking Ace Pete “The Greek” Letsos Reveals How The Wristlock Can Be & Should Be Your Go To Submission: You Are Missing So Many Chances For Submissions. ...

Simple Triangle From Mount by Benji Silva

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Discover ways to enter into the Triangle that many athletes haven’t even seen yet! Learn the base Triangle from closed guard, and then apply it from EVERYWHERE! Snag the Triangle, and continually secure the fini...

Switch Base Sweep To Mount by Marcus Almeida “Buchecha” BJJ Techniques

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Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida Shares With BJJ Fanatics His Complete Library of His Best Position: Half Guard. Learn the complete half guard system of Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida.

Countering the Back Step to Get To Mount by Lucas Leite

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For The First Time Ever, Lucas Leite Shares His World Famous Coyote Half Guard Adapted For No Gi. Learn The Weird Techniques that Lucas Leite uses so well against bigger opponent’s that he voluntarily enter tournamen...

Transitioning to Armbar or Mount by Fernando Yamasaki

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Learn how to grip, move, and attack takedowns for Brazilian jiu-jitsu with these classic judo concepts and techniques. Move with more comfort and efficiency in your gripping and footwork with these little de...

3/4 Mount # 2 by Luiz Dentinho

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Luiz "Dentinho" Eduardo is an accomplished black belt competitor and coach. In the Art of Pressure Half Guard Passing, Dentinho shares all of his secrets to creating the ultimate pressure and passing those difficult g...